Thursday, December 31, 2009

Getting down to Business (or, Let the Styling Begin)

The impetus that brought me to *finally* start my own blog was a feature in the January 2010 issue of InStyle magazine.

The feature included 28 outfits all pre-styled and itching to be worn in the month of January. The outfits centered on a few key pieces, which--HAH--I actually own a few of, whodda thunk it? As well as some other pieces that are not so key, but I'm hoping I can learn to fake it.

Which brings me to my self-imposed blog-inspiring challenge of the month.....(trumpets blare)

I challenge myself to shop my closet for the month of January (and, OK, probably into February, too) and re-create all the outfits featured in the InStyle piece. Now. In my wildest bloggedy-blog dreams, I would find EVERYTHING sitting patiently in my closet just waiting to fulfill its destiny in one of my Outfits of the Day. But, of course, that ain't happenin.'

So in my "slightly less" wild dreams, I find respectable substitutes for everything that (gasp) might even LEARN ME SOME STYLE, Y'ALL.

(And maybe even figure out the key pieces that are missing from my wardrobe, so I can, uh, shop some more. hehe)

Ooh, boy. So, I know, I know, it's not so cool to be such a blatant style copycat, but I need a jumping-off point, and, if I haven't made it quite clear yet, I have a bit of a style handicap.

So, for the upcoming month, I will be regularly making posts featuring an InStyle-inspired outfit. After January is over, I'll be a tried-and-true fashionista! (HAH) Well, I'll have hopefully learned a valuable lesson and be ready, willing and able to copy even more ADVANCED already-styled outfits. HOOHAH!

Happy New Year!

Wednesday, December 30, 2009

I can rock the knickerbocks... (or, the TRUE sweat suit alternative)

I must say that this outfit from Anthro is intriguing me.

Now it *may* just be because the pants in this set are called "knickerbockers." .... And I could totally rock the knickerbocks.

But it also has to do with the mixing of patterns, which I have yet to master but love nonetheless.

And the whole "casual chic" vibe.

I must say, that most style outlets I've found praise dresses as soooo easy and soooooo pulled together. But, seriously? It's a rare day when I wear a dress. (Now that I've discovered tights, though, it may become more frequent.)

When I used to be not-poor and had cable TV and watched Bravo's "Tim Gunn's Guide to Style," it always irked me whenever they came to the sweatsuit alternative portion of his list of 10 closet essentials. He and his model assistant would pull out some dress and be like, "SEE? So easy. You could go walk the dog in this."

Um, first of all, wearing a dress would require me to shave my legs. And, really, you might as well put me in a cocktail dress if you're gonna make me go to all that trouble. And second, if I'm reaching for my "sweat suit," then I'm most likely not feeling very cute, and there's nothing worse than being trapped in a cute little dress when you're feeling icky. And third, well...they DO realize that you're going to have to pick up after the dog in that stylin' outfit, right? Ick.

So I guess most of my annoyance hinges on the use of the word "sweat suit" in general. I mean, seriously, sweat suits will never....ever....ever.....equal a dress. Just call it "weekend wear" or, I don't know, maybe "casual chic".......

(Did you see what I did there? I came full circle, baby. That's right. FULL. CIRCLE.)

Tuesday, December 29, 2009

My Christmas #2 Outfit

My Christmas #2 Outfit was a JCrew/Ann Taylor combo.

The Goods:
Black cashmere v-neck sweater (Ann Taylor)
Midnight tweed mini (Jcrew)
Black tights (Target)
Multi-strand black necklace (Christmas present!)
White longsleeve tee (Limited)
Enzo Angiolini bromei pump (

I was much happier overall with my second go at Christmas couture. The mini skirt I miraculously purchased in a J.Crew "popback," which I had previously only read about in many a blog, where the words made sense but in no way could they ever capture the greatness of it all.

Lately, in my down time, I tend to stalk my favorite clothing sites, and several times I noticed this skirt and thought, "Oh, poo, why didn't I discover this when they had it available?" And then, all of a sudden, it was back! And not only was it back----but it was in my size! As in, ONLY MY SIZE! A Christmas miracle, indeed. In two seconds, I had that puppy in my shopping cart and ready to go (along with a pair of toothpick cords....because *duh* I wanted free shipping, too!) Oohh....such a greedy little thing I am.

My Christmas #1 Outfit

For Christmas Eve----which is when my family opens ALL our presents, much to the chagrin of my husband----I wore a Gap/Loft combo.

Brown tweed shorts (Gap)
Brown ribbed tights (Gap)
Berry sleeveless ruffle shell (Loft)
V-neck purple cashmere sweater (Loft)
Pearl cluster necklace (WetSeal)
(Not pictured) Peeptoe truffle ruffle booties (Piperlime)

I think this outfit pretty much sums up my current relationship with clothing, in that, I don't haven't quite grasped the concept of "fit." Or how to dress my body in a way that truly flatters.

I really like the collar in this outfit, with the pearls and the ruffle and the v-neck. Well played. But then, um, comes the baggy sweater and the wrinkled shell popping out underneath it. Which kind of throws off the whole outfit for me....The word "frumpy" comes to mind....

Truth is, I have pretty much bought medium clothing all my life. And it's much easier to just bring in the size M to the dressing room, and assume that however the M fits is the way it's *supposed* to look. Rather than, ya know, "bookending" like I hear I'm supposed to do (i.e., bringing in the S, M, and L....I think?)

It may sound like a lot of additional work, but I am beginning to understand the importance of finding a good fit. I am trying to break myself of the habit of buying too big, with the fear that items will shrink. Because there is nothing I hate more than pants that get too short, sleeves that get too short, sweaters that get too short....and so on....and so forth. Perhaps I should focus on properly caring for my clothing rather than resigning myself to eventual shrinkage. *ZINGA!*

New York and Company (Extra 30% Off Thru 1/3)

New York & Company is pushing sales something fierce this season.

So fierce that I'm patiently awaiting their offer to pay ME $$$$, just to buy something there.

Alas, with every e-mail I get, I'm just not loving anything enough to pull the trigger. There are some cute scarves, belts and jewelry, sure, but eh---I've lived without them this long, right?

Use promo code 3109 for an extra 30% off your entire order (excluding redlines ending in .99) through 1/3/2010.

I love NY&C InMotion Fitness, particularly their workout pants, which have good length and are great for hopping and bopping along in my aerobics class. They're also have more give than a lot of pants so your patootie has some breathing room. aaahhhhhhh....(that's your booty sighing in comfort)

Moving right along....

Inmotion Piped Bootcut Pants ($17.47)
available in grey, brown, and black. Lots of sizes left.

ComfortZone Yoga Pants ($17.46)
My infamous loungewear. I have several pairs, although some shrunk in length after washing, some didn't. I have no idea why....

Bow tote ($9.99!!)
Many a blogger has sung this tote's praises. Cute and now super-cheap in taupe and gold. Um, bang bang. (That's me pulling the trigger! :P)

City Stretch Sleeveless Knit Dress ($27.47)
I bought this in grey a while ago and really love the fit. The material is thick and it hides all my :) Limited sizes in grey, white and black.

Colorful Stripe Long Knit Scarf ($7.99)
Haven't seen this in person, but I love the cheeky look of the white one.

Happy shopping!

Monday, December 28, 2009

The Great Puffer Vest Debate (Chic or Just Plain Cozy?)

Just found the cutest styling of a puffer vest at a Website called good bones, great pieces.

Belting a puffer vest---a glorious idea! And the dark/monochromatic color scheme looks so chic. Effortless, and put together.

Of course, ya know, she's showing us how to turn a utilitarian piece into cheap style.....and I am going to have to actually purchase a vest to make this outfit. But, ya know, to each his own....(wink, wink)

I had a gift card to Eddie Bauer for my birthday a few months back and purchased a white puffer vest, but I kept hemming and hawing and maybe and maybe not, and finally returned it. Instead I got this. (and I love it, whee!)

But I still want a puffer vest! Wahhhhhhhhhh!

I blame my obsession on this Carrie Underwood "look of the day" from InStyle.

And now, Athleta is having a sale through Wednesday for an extra 20% off sale items, which means this purty thing would only be about $ the $7 for $$$ for this in arctic blue to go with....and $$$ for this cami to go with this skirt in ciel blue..... :)

My Fashion Philosophy (or, Why I'll Never Get Rid of My Sports Illustrated Sweatshirt)

It's important that I give you (understood) an accurate representation of what my ..... ahem ..... "style" looks like now. Because then, at the end of this fashion journey, we can all sit in a big circle and pass the tissue box, and smile through our tears saying, "I thought I'd never see the day" and "If she can do it, by golly, so can I!"

Because what's the point in challenging yourself if you don't evaluate your progress? That's what I always say, yessir.

So, for starters, I may or may not live in a sweatshirt just like this one 90% of my waking hours. Slap a pair of jeans on me and my current pair of casual shoes (right now they're Anne Klein loafers), and that's pretty much my standard uniform.

------You know there's a problem when you go to work one night (I used to copy edit at the local newspaper) and you're wearing the same outfit as a co-worker.

Not cringing yet? Did I forget to mention that the co-worker was a 40-year-old man? Oof.------

It's not *totally* my fault, either. Nowadays, I telecommute 3 days a week, so you can see how tempting it may be to sit in my jammies all day, right?

Add in the fact that even when I DO go to the office, it's not exactly the place to show off the latest fashion. I deal in customer service at a small magazine, and well, most of my interaction with customers is in the cyberworld, and my office is pretty empty. How empty, you ask?

Well, let's see, for one, there's my boss.....and the advertising director sits in the office next to mine....and, uh.....well......there's uh....

oh, SHOOT!

I almost forgot to include me, y'all! Number three: me. And, heck, sometimes the UPS man even drops off a package. And, once some kid knocked on the door trying to get me to buy a magazine subscription so he could win a trip to Hawaii or something for his marketing class.....sigh........

So, really, to sum things up, I dress up two times a week for the benefit of a couple of postal clerks, and there's a big half-wall between us, so I don't even think they SEE my lower half. How's that for some style inspiration? Bah, why bother?

And in case you STILL don't pity my style-less predicament, how about this:

You see, my husband and I aren't exactly what you'd call party animals. Most nights we sit on the couch listening to our puppies snore, while he plays Madden on XBOX Live and I (of late) check my blogs and window shop online. Our idea of eating out? Taco Bell. Our regular date? Free 10 am classic movies at our local theatre sponsored by-----wait for it-----a retirement home. And for every Friday night in November, you could find us religiously in the Dunkin Donuts drive-thru getting pumpkin lattes. (That is, until they raised the price from 99 cents to $1.99. Those greedy bastards.)

Wow, I can already tell this blog is enlightening me. Not only are my husband and I anti-social, but apparently, we are also SUPER CHEAP. Yay for us!

So, with no further ado, here is my first fashion post, with absolutely no emphasis on the "fashion," of course:

The Goods:
A free T-shirt from the college where my husband works
My New York & Company lounge pants (I think I have 5 pairs...)
Cozy slipper socks I got for Christmas several years ago from my grandma

Sunday, December 27, 2009

The Merry Cherry Christmas Roundup

Well, Christmas this year was lots of fun. And this year we got to have TWO Christmases!

And everyone knows that Christmas + Christmas = Fun Squared. (And that the square root of style equals, um, me.)

So, about a week before Christmas, we went up to Connecticut to visit my sister and celebrate with my fam. My sister made the most amazing appetizers on Christmas Eve that entailed dates stuffed with blue cheese and wrapped in bacon. Granted, you can pretty much wrap ANYTHING in bacon, and I will eat it. But, this particular treat with the sweetness and the salty and the cheesy goodnesses was genuinely amazing. Click here for a recipe that looks jusssst about right.

So, overall, our Christmas #1 went something like this:

Christmas in Connecticut (1945)

Oh, the merry hijinx!

I got lots of great presents, including some great accessories like a silver bow skinny belt from Loft and this red belt from Kohl's:

A gorgeous multi-strand black pearl necklace that I just wore for Christmas #2.

A berry-colored ruffley scarf from Loft (right after I was complimenting my sister's similar scarf, too!)

Some grey and black tights (because a girl can never own too many tights!!).

And this pretty ruffle dress from Loft (sold out online):

which works out PERFECTLY because I just bought the J.Crew Tivoli boiled wool sweater (below, sold out online), and BOTH items look so cute together, as made obvious in this post from "Love at First Shop."

Oooh....I'm getting a little too copycat again, aren't I? Oh well, I must say I never would have thought to pair these two items, but they totally complement each other.

My fab sister also got me a jacket from White House Black Market (or is it Black House White Market....whatev!). But it was a tad too tight, so she exchanged it for a different one. The fun part is that she purchased the replacement after I had already left for Christmas #2, so I haven't even seen it yet! Plus she got it on SUPER SALE, so she's going to give me a gift card to do more shopping! Yippee! Can't wait to see what she picked out. She always looks super styling, and I'm always drooling over her outfits!!

So hopefully I will get some outfit pics up in the next few days, because I also got (drum roll please) a new camera! From my loving husband. Awww.... He knew I was struggling with my old camera, which had one of those wheels to set the type of picture you're taking, and, alas, my wheel kept a turnin' well after I stopped touching it. But now, no wheel! And auto-focus and auto-find the faces feature and auto-what type of lighting is needed and......oh, yippee!

Sunday, December 20, 2009

Sweet dreams realized (um, sort of)

So, I did end up scurrying back to the mall to purchase my $19.98 nightmare-inducing dress.

But, uh-uh-oh, things did not go as planned. Nossirreee. Because my $19.98 dress as I knew it was no longer at Loft....

In its place?


So, um, I still didn't buy it, because at this rate, it will be $5 before I know it!

YEAH RIGHT. I picked that puppy up quickety split and hung it victoriously in the passenger seat of my car to start my 45-minute commute up to work.

So, in the next few days, I hope to put up a picture of my Anthro-inspired outfit, even though, it kinda didn't turn out exactly how I planned. But that's good, right? Because that will force me to adjust and make it MY OWN, instead of just copycat. (so she says)

The lessons I learned:

Number One. Wait (24 hours), and ye shall receive (mucho discounts). I choose to ignore the alternative result of my prudence.

Number Two. Just because I commute 45 minutes to work, DOES NOT guarantee me that I will not run into a co-worker at my local mall when we're both supposed to be at work. Oopsee!

Number Three. Aforementioned 45-minute commute is a perfect opportunity to compose my latest blog in my head and repeat it until memorized... Because we all do that, right?

um, right?

Number Three A (addendum). I am the only person in the world who composes and memorizes entire blog-length stories in my head so that I can dictate them later. Which also probably means I'm the only person who plays factor games with words and phrases in my head. You know, like say,

factor games

as in

facto (5)
rgame (5)
s (1)

11 letters. NO FACTORS! On with my life....

Fun, right? Um...yeah.....So.....

Um, so, anywayz....I....oh wait! I hear my phone ringing in the other room. Gotta run! Ciao!

Saturday, December 19, 2009

My Anthropologie Addiction (or, How to spend a cool million without really trying)

As of today, I have yet to make a purchase at Anthropologie. But for all the time I spend on their Website, you'd surely think otherwise. And for all the time I walk around my house singing the word "Anthropologie" into Prince's "Musicology"....oh, you get the picture.

I've come close, for sure. And I DID find the Funneled Folds Cardigan on eBay recently for $60 (holla!) so I guess technically I ain't no Anthro virgin.

But, how cute is (insert every item of clothing on their site)????!!!

And goodness gracious, that doesn't even cover it anymore, because how frickin cute is (insert every NON-CLOTHING ITEM, too!! gimmegimmegimme)????!!!

Case(s) in point:

Izmir Measuring Cups($32)

LOVE these bowls (OK, they're really measuring cups.) But I'm thinking more for holding jewelry on my already overstuffed dresser top.

Great & Small Coin Purse ($28)

And look at this ADORable coin purse. It almost makes me wish we didn't have a paperless society...

Thursday, December 17, 2009

Sweet Dreams are made of these (pieces)

I had a vision last night. A VISION OF STYLE. And I got so freakin' obsessed with it (in typical me-style) that I almost didn't think I would fall asleep at all.

Why, you ask?

Because it all hinged on a CERTAIN DRESS at Loft that I stood in the dressing room with for A GOOD 10 MINUTES just staring at myself. So long, in fact that the dressing room attendant actually knocked on my door and asked me if I was "waiting for clothes."

I kind of sputtered out a weak "No, I'm just trying some stuff on" before she scurried off. But, honestly, I was left a little flummoxed. It SOUNDED like she thought I had strolled into the store, hunkered down in my fave dressing room, and then....sat waiting for someone to bring me a shirt to try on? "FETCH ME SOME STYLE, GOOD PEEPS!"

So, mix in this awkward encounter with my infamous indecision and you got it---I hightailed it out of there with no bags in hand. And now, I'm kicking myself because, um, $19.88.

YES! I KNOW! Ridiculous, right? I can't even bring myself to spend UNDER $20 without making a HUGE, ungodly ordeal. (Um, why am I shouting so much? Rein it in, dear!)

So, anyway, my only hope is that this all happened on Tuesday night, and nobody (resisting the urge to yell here, but just be sure to add a little extra oomph when you read it) shops on Wednesday, right? I am stopping by the store ASAP after I teach my aerobics class this morning, and if it's not there, well, now, I'm not even going to contemplate such a travesty.

But, to get myself a little pumped up. Here, dear lovely self, is the look I very well think I can make with only a splash of nighttime anxiety and $19.88 (ahem, plus tax. Damn you, VA!)

It's Anthropologie, peeps! One of their gorgeous December outfits. And trust me, if my head wasn't shaped like a cone, I would even be sporting the headband in this super-cute combo. Alas, stretchy headbands last about 5 seconds on my head, until I feel it sliding....there it goes....there it goes.....and POP!

Anthro Wish-List

I have quite a few things on my Anthro wish list patiently waiting for me in 2010. The service is quite a nifty invention, that is until I scroll all the way down through my list, see how much my wish list would actually cost, and run to the kitchen to find a brown paper bag to breathe into. .........holy..........

But, my brand-spankin' new "2010 Clothing Restrictions" includes me waiting until 2010 to purchase any Anthro clothes. The problem? Well, the two dresses I've been fretting over each have about a 6-trillion star review rating, and every blogger I've seen looks FAB in them, but they're still full-price, and I can just keep stalking them until the MILLISECOND they go on sale....right?????......and.....they'll still be there, right???....errr....argggh!!!

PLEASE tell me it will be OK!!

This dress is SOOO gorgeous. And not to brag, but I bet I can match each and every color in the blouse with one of my (million-kajillion) solid-hued cardis! Booyah!

Simply Lovely Sweaterdress ($138)
I have been craving a sweaterdress since I found the Vitis Sweater Dress ($128) at Athleta over the summer, for goodness sake! But, I hemmed and hawed, and now the reviews online are pretty harsh, and I just bought a grey shift dress and I asked myself, do I *really* need another grey dress?, and then WHAM, BAM I see this blue (BLUE, squee!) baby, and now I'm hooked.

So the moral of this story is that I don't think I'm cut out for sale shopping. Because I'm pretty obsessive about things, and I have a weird affinity for doing repetitive tasks, which means a work day can quickly regress into

Check Anthro sale. Nope.

Check my work e-mail.

Check my personal e-mail. Ooh, look there's my J.Crew order confirmation!

Check J.Crew sale. Nope.

Check Ooh, she looks cute. I'd only have to buy thisss....and thisss......

Check Anthro new arrivals. Noooooo!!!!!

(elapsed time: about 5 minutes)

And seriously, this plays on a loop for a good couple of hours before my husband comes home. Then, I move to my laptop. And he plays video games while I, uh, kinda do the same thing all over again. But on my LAPTOP!! Totally different.

So my new self-imposed budget for 2010 will hopefully rein in some of the crazy spending I've been doing lately. (Since Black Friday, I've been going sale-loopy.) And I just hope (HOPE) that these two dresses won't be lost as collateral damage.

Hold, on babies, Mama's comin' for you soon!

Wednesday, December 16, 2009

Robot Roll Call (or, Introductions)

So I finally got my first post up. Hooray for me! It only took 2 hours and about 50 trips to Oh, and then about 20 minutes clicking on my blog saying "Where's my first post? Where's my first post?" until I realized silly Blogger had not-so-subtly hinted that I move to the West Coast with its Pacific-time default settings. Silly, Blogger. Everyone knows that California is going to break off and sink into the ocean one day.

This does get easier, right?

So, now that I'm a blogging expert and also re-settled in Eastern time, I figured that I would introduce myself more formally now that I've (hopefully) (secretly) (successfully) begun to infiltrate your little world. So many of my favorite bloggers have cute pets that they share, that, well, my two dogs are feeling a little bit under-loved.

But is that, well, it's not that I don't heart my puppies or anything. It's just that term "cute" is so riddled with expectations and....uhh.....I would HATE to, ya know, make you think ......uh.....oh, I can't even write it. I am just a horrible puppy mother.

Hmmm, don't believe me? Well....we'll get back to that later.

So after the puppies, my husband naturally comes next on the totem pole. In a nutshell....he loves video games and Steven Pinker. Oh, and he has systematically bought me every memorable present in the movie Father of the Bride (except for the car, harummphh). But, seriously, you realize a guy loves you when he buys you something just because he KNOWS you've waited all your life to exclaim, "It's a cappuCINO maker!"

And then there's me.

(awkward silence)

(awkward silence)

Um, hi?

(heh, heh....well uh......oh nevermind)

Yeah, so, what to say about me...I guess the most pertinent thing to mention is my newfound love for fashion! And when I say "newfound" I mean like (looks at watch) yeah, reallllll newfound. I'm hoping that my interest will last long enough for me to get at least ONE actual reader. Although, we can't be too sure. My husband STILL taunts me about the 12-pack of peach soda I just HAD TO HAVE when we were dating that sat unopened in his refrigerator for several months until he had to drink it all himself.

But, pleaasssssse, it's a TOTAL coincidence that I currently have about 20 lonely Dr. Peppers in my fridge since I moved on to Coke.....Total coincidence. And it's not fashion, people, IT'S SODA! Or pop, for you midWesterners. Or fizzy lifting drink, for you, uh.... Wonkas.

So, I'm getting so frickin giddy at writing that I am forgetting my duties as a style maven! I figure I should at least put up a picture of a pair of shoes or something. Coz that's kinda why I want you to be here, after all. PLUS, I'm on quite a tear with my pertinent jokes and I don't want to use up all my good material before I hit it BIG. Because, next thing you know, I'm making a Spike Jones joke like Pat Sajak on "Wheel of Fortune," and then....

no, wait! Don't leave! I promised you shoes, didn't I? Of course, of course, I did.

How about these beauties I just purchased at Endless (limited sizes here) but also available at Zappos here and Piperlime here:

And get this-----Enzo Angiolini has so graciously agreed to change his name to "Endo Angiolini" so that I can find his shoes quicker when I Google him. A round of applause, ladies, for the good sport!

Oh, and here are my Hive and Honey ruffle truffle peep-toe booties (just saying the words makes me lightheaded with glee) at Piperlime. Only size 10 left in tan and black, but plenty o' purple left. Mmmmmm....purple......:

OK, there you are. My two new favorite pairs of shoes. Now leave a comment and tell me what I am supposed to wear them with. K, ladies?

(tapping my foot)

(still tapping...)

Oh, wait, what? You mean that's not how this blog thingee works?

Well, shoot. I guess maybe I can come up with a few outfits myself and post them, if THAT'S how y'all are going to be. Hmmm... methinks I am dangerously approaching the realm of what some people would call "the crazies." Whee for blogging!

Tuesday, December 15, 2009

If a Tree Falls in the Forest... (or the ALPHABLOG Blues)

Well, here I am, folks. (Folks in a very loose sense of the word, of course.)

I've only recently discovered the world of blogging, and I must admit that I'm intrigued! Granted, I'm still a little backward in my reading style. My most enjoyable reading moments are cozying up on the couch, clicking "November 2008" on one of my fave blogs, and reading from top to bottom. (That's right.... top to bottom, i.e., backward. I cannot tell a lie.)

So THAT probably explains why I'm having such anxiety about writing my first post. Because in my newfound obsession, I maybe......sorta.....definitely.....checked out everybody's first post.

Now, most people started out in the most unassuming way, not even really acknowledging the existence of people who may or may not be reading. They just, ya know, thought it would be cool to start writing about themselves in a completely public forum, that, ya know, has readers and comment widget-gadgets and stuff, but hey, yeah, no pressure.

Oh, yeah?!?! Well, I REFUSE to not succumb to aforementioned pressure! Because in the way I scrolled through all these blogs....(ahem)....each blogger's lush reader count slowly trickled down to none as I inched closer and closer to their.... dum dum DUM... ALPHABLOG!!


I mean, no matter how mc-whatever Patrick Dempsey gets, he will ALWAYS be the dork in Can't Buy Me Love. And what about Katherine Heigl? Knocked Up, be damned. She may be all grown up now, but she'll always be the girl in My Father, the Hero. And who could forget Wish Upon a Star where her short unfashionable sister makes a wish and they magically switch bodies? (ahem, OK, so I had to Google the title for that one, but seriously, that doesn't diminish the fact that I watched it AT LEAST once a week through my formative years.)

So don't gimme no bologna. No false modesty for me, nosirreee Bob. I am all for transparency. And for idiomatic expressions that make me want to eat a sloppy joe. And while I'd be just as happy using this blog to simply figure out which pant leg goes on first, I admit it, I'm greedy, I want feedback! I want YOU, people (waggling my finger in yer face. Oh, and I may or may not be wearing a red, white, and blue Lincoln hat) much for transparency......

But by what unearthly magic do readers appear?

From what I can tell, with an acceptance by the rest of the blogging community, who then link to you, who links to Sue, who links to Lew, who links to (gasp) MEEEE!!! Understandably, that's how I found most of the blogs I read now. But what led me to that FIRST POST? What set that bloggedy-blog snowball in motion?

Google, that's what!

So to christen my own personal ALPHABLOG, I think I maybe need to spike up my word count, eh? So that when someone Googles blog, fashion, style, clothes, closet, color, design, um..... style novice, pontificating pundit, something to poke fun at, fashion victim....then those precious peeps will be mine, ALL MINE!

Because once I get ya, I'm gonna try my best to keep you entertained by my ridiculously pathetic attempts at fashion, my esoteric references to movies and TV that no one else saw or cares about, and anything else that I feel the need to share ...unless of course, you'd prefer to be the one that got away. I can respect that...for now.... (Toothbrush, toothbrush, you've come back to me...and you've started a FAMily!)