Thursday, December 17, 2009

Anthro Wish-List

I have quite a few things on my Anthro wish list patiently waiting for me in 2010. The service is quite a nifty invention, that is until I scroll all the way down through my list, see how much my wish list would actually cost, and run to the kitchen to find a brown paper bag to breathe into. .........holy..........

But, my brand-spankin' new "2010 Clothing Restrictions" includes me waiting until 2010 to purchase any Anthro clothes. The problem? Well, the two dresses I've been fretting over each have about a 6-trillion star review rating, and every blogger I've seen looks FAB in them, but they're still full-price, and I can just keep stalking them until the MILLISECOND they go on sale....right?????......and.....they'll still be there, right???....errr....argggh!!!

PLEASE tell me it will be OK!!

This dress is SOOO gorgeous. And not to brag, but I bet I can match each and every color in the blouse with one of my (million-kajillion) solid-hued cardis! Booyah!

Simply Lovely Sweaterdress ($138)
I have been craving a sweaterdress since I found the Vitis Sweater Dress ($128) at Athleta over the summer, for goodness sake! But, I hemmed and hawed, and now the reviews online are pretty harsh, and I just bought a grey shift dress and I asked myself, do I *really* need another grey dress?, and then WHAM, BAM I see this blue (BLUE, squee!) baby, and now I'm hooked.

So the moral of this story is that I don't think I'm cut out for sale shopping. Because I'm pretty obsessive about things, and I have a weird affinity for doing repetitive tasks, which means a work day can quickly regress into

Check Anthro sale. Nope.

Check my work e-mail.

Check my personal e-mail. Ooh, look there's my J.Crew order confirmation!

Check J.Crew sale. Nope.

Check Ooh, she looks cute. I'd only have to buy thisss....and thisss......

Check Anthro new arrivals. Noooooo!!!!!

(elapsed time: about 5 minutes)

And seriously, this plays on a loop for a good couple of hours before my husband comes home. Then, I move to my laptop. And he plays video games while I, uh, kinda do the same thing all over again. But on my LAPTOP!! Totally different.

So my new self-imposed budget for 2010 will hopefully rein in some of the crazy spending I've been doing lately. (Since Black Friday, I've been going sale-loopy.) And I just hope (HOPE) that these two dresses won't be lost as collateral damage.

Hold, on babies, Mama's comin' for you soon!

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