Thursday, December 31, 2009

Getting down to Business (or, Let the Styling Begin)

The impetus that brought me to *finally* start my own blog was a feature in the January 2010 issue of InStyle magazine.

The feature included 28 outfits all pre-styled and itching to be worn in the month of January. The outfits centered on a few key pieces, which--HAH--I actually own a few of, whodda thunk it? As well as some other pieces that are not so key, but I'm hoping I can learn to fake it.

Which brings me to my self-imposed blog-inspiring challenge of the month.....(trumpets blare)

I challenge myself to shop my closet for the month of January (and, OK, probably into February, too) and re-create all the outfits featured in the InStyle piece. Now. In my wildest bloggedy-blog dreams, I would find EVERYTHING sitting patiently in my closet just waiting to fulfill its destiny in one of my Outfits of the Day. But, of course, that ain't happenin.'

So in my "slightly less" wild dreams, I find respectable substitutes for everything that (gasp) might even LEARN ME SOME STYLE, Y'ALL.

(And maybe even figure out the key pieces that are missing from my wardrobe, so I can, uh, shop some more. hehe)

Ooh, boy. So, I know, I know, it's not so cool to be such a blatant style copycat, but I need a jumping-off point, and, if I haven't made it quite clear yet, I have a bit of a style handicap.

So, for the upcoming month, I will be regularly making posts featuring an InStyle-inspired outfit. After January is over, I'll be a tried-and-true fashionista! (HAH) Well, I'll have hopefully learned a valuable lesson and be ready, willing and able to copy even more ADVANCED already-styled outfits. HOOHAH!

Happy New Year!

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