Monday, December 28, 2009

The Great Puffer Vest Debate (Chic or Just Plain Cozy?)

Just found the cutest styling of a puffer vest at a Website called good bones, great pieces.

Belting a puffer vest---a glorious idea! And the dark/monochromatic color scheme looks so chic. Effortless, and put together.

Of course, ya know, she's showing us how to turn a utilitarian piece into cheap style.....and I am going to have to actually purchase a vest to make this outfit. But, ya know, to each his own....(wink, wink)

I had a gift card to Eddie Bauer for my birthday a few months back and purchased a white puffer vest, but I kept hemming and hawing and maybe and maybe not, and finally returned it. Instead I got this. (and I love it, whee!)

But I still want a puffer vest! Wahhhhhhhhhh!

I blame my obsession on this Carrie Underwood "look of the day" from InStyle.

And now, Athleta is having a sale through Wednesday for an extra 20% off sale items, which means this purty thing would only be about $ the $7 for $$$ for this in arctic blue to go with....and $$$ for this cami to go with this skirt in ciel blue..... :)

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