Wednesday, December 30, 2009

I can rock the knickerbocks... (or, the TRUE sweat suit alternative)

I must say that this outfit from Anthro is intriguing me.

Now it *may* just be because the pants in this set are called "knickerbockers." .... And I could totally rock the knickerbocks.

But it also has to do with the mixing of patterns, which I have yet to master but love nonetheless.

And the whole "casual chic" vibe.

I must say, that most style outlets I've found praise dresses as soooo easy and soooooo pulled together. But, seriously? It's a rare day when I wear a dress. (Now that I've discovered tights, though, it may become more frequent.)

When I used to be not-poor and had cable TV and watched Bravo's "Tim Gunn's Guide to Style," it always irked me whenever they came to the sweatsuit alternative portion of his list of 10 closet essentials. He and his model assistant would pull out some dress and be like, "SEE? So easy. You could go walk the dog in this."

Um, first of all, wearing a dress would require me to shave my legs. And, really, you might as well put me in a cocktail dress if you're gonna make me go to all that trouble. And second, if I'm reaching for my "sweat suit," then I'm most likely not feeling very cute, and there's nothing worse than being trapped in a cute little dress when you're feeling icky. And third, well...they DO realize that you're going to have to pick up after the dog in that stylin' outfit, right? Ick.

So I guess most of my annoyance hinges on the use of the word "sweat suit" in general. I mean, seriously, sweat suits will never....ever....ever.....equal a dress. Just call it "weekend wear" or, I don't know, maybe "casual chic".......

(Did you see what I did there? I came full circle, baby. That's right. FULL. CIRCLE.)

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