Tuesday, December 15, 2009

If a Tree Falls in the Forest... (or the ALPHABLOG Blues)

Well, here I am, folks. (Folks in a very loose sense of the word, of course.)

I've only recently discovered the world of blogging, and I must admit that I'm intrigued! Granted, I'm still a little backward in my reading style. My most enjoyable reading moments are cozying up on the couch, clicking "November 2008" on one of my fave blogs, and reading from top to bottom. (That's right.... top to bottom, i.e., backward. I cannot tell a lie.)

So THAT probably explains why I'm having such anxiety about writing my first post. Because in my newfound obsession, I maybe......sorta.....definitely.....checked out everybody's first post.

Now, most people started out in the most unassuming way, not even really acknowledging the existence of people who may or may not be reading. They just, ya know, thought it would be cool to start writing about themselves in a completely public forum, that, ya know, has readers and comment widget-gadgets and stuff, but hey, yeah, no pressure.

Oh, yeah?!?! Well, I REFUSE to not succumb to aforementioned pressure! Because in the way I scrolled through all these blogs....(ahem)....each blogger's lush reader count slowly trickled down to none as I inched closer and closer to their.... dum dum DUM... ALPHABLOG!!


I mean, no matter how mc-whatever Patrick Dempsey gets, he will ALWAYS be the dork in Can't Buy Me Love. And what about Katherine Heigl? Knocked Up, be damned. She may be all grown up now, but she'll always be the girl in My Father, the Hero. And who could forget Wish Upon a Star where her short unfashionable sister makes a wish and they magically switch bodies? (ahem, OK, so I had to Google the title for that one, but seriously, that doesn't diminish the fact that I watched it AT LEAST once a week through my formative years.)

So don't gimme no bologna. No false modesty for me, nosirreee Bob. I am all for transparency. And for idiomatic expressions that make me want to eat a sloppy joe. And while I'd be just as happy using this blog to simply figure out which pant leg goes on first, I admit it, I'm greedy, I want feedback! I want YOU, people (waggling my finger in yer face. Oh, and I may or may not be wearing a red, white, and blue Lincoln hat) ......so much for transparency......

But by what unearthly magic do readers appear?

From what I can tell, with an acceptance by the rest of the blogging community, who then link to you, who links to Sue, who links to Lew, who links to (gasp) MEEEE!!! Understandably, that's how I found most of the blogs I read now. But what led me to that FIRST POST? What set that bloggedy-blog snowball in motion?

Google, that's what!

So to christen my own personal ALPHABLOG, I think I maybe need to spike up my word count, eh? So that when someone Googles blog, fashion, style, clothes, closet, color, design, um..... style novice, pontificating pundit, something to poke fun at, fashion victim....then those precious peeps will be mine, ALL MINE!

Because once I get ya, I'm gonna try my best to keep you entertained by my ridiculously pathetic attempts at fashion, my esoteric references to movies and TV that no one else saw or cares about, and anything else that I feel the need to share ...unless of course, you'd prefer to be the one that got away. I can respect that...for now.... (Toothbrush, toothbrush, you've come back to me...and you've started a FAMily!)

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