Sunday, December 27, 2009

The Merry Cherry Christmas Roundup

Well, Christmas this year was lots of fun. And this year we got to have TWO Christmases!

And everyone knows that Christmas + Christmas = Fun Squared. (And that the square root of style equals, um, me.)

So, about a week before Christmas, we went up to Connecticut to visit my sister and celebrate with my fam. My sister made the most amazing appetizers on Christmas Eve that entailed dates stuffed with blue cheese and wrapped in bacon. Granted, you can pretty much wrap ANYTHING in bacon, and I will eat it. But, this particular treat with the sweetness and the salty and the cheesy goodnesses was genuinely amazing. Click here for a recipe that looks jusssst about right.

So, overall, our Christmas #1 went something like this:

Christmas in Connecticut (1945)

Oh, the merry hijinx!

I got lots of great presents, including some great accessories like a silver bow skinny belt from Loft and this red belt from Kohl's:

A gorgeous multi-strand black pearl necklace that I just wore for Christmas #2.

A berry-colored ruffley scarf from Loft (right after I was complimenting my sister's similar scarf, too!)

Some grey and black tights (because a girl can never own too many tights!!).

And this pretty ruffle dress from Loft (sold out online):

which works out PERFECTLY because I just bought the J.Crew Tivoli boiled wool sweater (below, sold out online), and BOTH items look so cute together, as made obvious in this post from "Love at First Shop."

Oooh....I'm getting a little too copycat again, aren't I? Oh well, I must say I never would have thought to pair these two items, but they totally complement each other.

My fab sister also got me a jacket from White House Black Market (or is it Black House White Market....whatev!). But it was a tad too tight, so she exchanged it for a different one. The fun part is that she purchased the replacement after I had already left for Christmas #2, so I haven't even seen it yet! Plus she got it on SUPER SALE, so she's going to give me a gift card to do more shopping! Yippee! Can't wait to see what she picked out. She always looks super styling, and I'm always drooling over her outfits!!

So hopefully I will get some outfit pics up in the next few days, because I also got (drum roll please) a new camera! From my loving husband. Awww.... He knew I was struggling with my old camera, which had one of those wheels to set the type of picture you're taking, and, alas, my wheel kept a turnin' well after I stopped touching it. But now, no wheel! And auto-focus and auto-find the faces feature and auto-what type of lighting is needed and......oh, yippee!

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