Saturday, December 19, 2009

My Anthropologie Addiction (or, How to spend a cool million without really trying)

As of today, I have yet to make a purchase at Anthropologie. But for all the time I spend on their Website, you'd surely think otherwise. And for all the time I walk around my house singing the word "Anthropologie" into Prince's "Musicology"....oh, you get the picture.

I've come close, for sure. And I DID find the Funneled Folds Cardigan on eBay recently for $60 (holla!) so I guess technically I ain't no Anthro virgin.

But, how cute is (insert every item of clothing on their site)????!!!

And goodness gracious, that doesn't even cover it anymore, because how frickin cute is (insert every NON-CLOTHING ITEM, too!! gimmegimmegimme)????!!!

Case(s) in point:

Izmir Measuring Cups($32)

LOVE these bowls (OK, they're really measuring cups.) But I'm thinking more for holding jewelry on my already overstuffed dresser top.

Great & Small Coin Purse ($28)

And look at this ADORable coin purse. It almost makes me wish we didn't have a paperless society...

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