Tuesday, December 29, 2009

New York and Company (Extra 30% Off Thru 1/3)

New York & Company is pushing sales something fierce this season.

So fierce that I'm patiently awaiting their offer to pay ME $$$$, just to buy something there.

Alas, with every e-mail I get, I'm just not loving anything enough to pull the trigger. There are some cute scarves, belts and jewelry, sure, but eh---I've lived without them this long, right?

Use promo code 3109 for an extra 30% off your entire order (excluding redlines ending in .99) through 1/3/2010.

I love NY&C InMotion Fitness, particularly their workout pants, which have good length and are great for hopping and bopping along in my aerobics class. They're also have more give than a lot of pants so your patootie has some breathing room. aaahhhhhhh....(that's your booty sighing in comfort)

Moving right along....

Inmotion Piped Bootcut Pants ($17.47)
available in grey, brown, and black. Lots of sizes left.

ComfortZone Yoga Pants ($17.46)
My infamous loungewear. I have several pairs, although some shrunk in length after washing, some didn't. I have no idea why....

Bow tote ($9.99!!)
Many a blogger has sung this tote's praises. Cute and now super-cheap in taupe and gold. Um, bang bang. (That's me pulling the trigger! :P)

City Stretch Sleeveless Knit Dress ($27.47)
I bought this in grey a while ago and really love the fit. The material is thick and it hides all my ....um....imperfections. :) Limited sizes in grey, white and black.

Colorful Stripe Long Knit Scarf ($7.99)
Haven't seen this in person, but I love the cheeky look of the white one.

Happy shopping!

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