Wednesday, December 16, 2009

Robot Roll Call (or, Introductions)

So I finally got my first post up. Hooray for me! It only took 2 hours and about 50 trips to Oh, and then about 20 minutes clicking on my blog saying "Where's my first post? Where's my first post?" until I realized silly Blogger had not-so-subtly hinted that I move to the West Coast with its Pacific-time default settings. Silly, Blogger. Everyone knows that California is going to break off and sink into the ocean one day.

This does get easier, right?

So, now that I'm a blogging expert and also re-settled in Eastern time, I figured that I would introduce myself more formally now that I've (hopefully) (secretly) (successfully) begun to infiltrate your little world. So many of my favorite bloggers have cute pets that they share, that, well, my two dogs are feeling a little bit under-loved.

But is that, well, it's not that I don't heart my puppies or anything. It's just that term "cute" is so riddled with expectations and....uhh.....I would HATE to, ya know, make you think ......uh.....oh, I can't even write it. I am just a horrible puppy mother.

Hmmm, don't believe me? Well....we'll get back to that later.

So after the puppies, my husband naturally comes next on the totem pole. In a nutshell....he loves video games and Steven Pinker. Oh, and he has systematically bought me every memorable present in the movie Father of the Bride (except for the car, harummphh). But, seriously, you realize a guy loves you when he buys you something just because he KNOWS you've waited all your life to exclaim, "It's a cappuCINO maker!"

And then there's me.

(awkward silence)

(awkward silence)

Um, hi?

(heh, heh....well uh......oh nevermind)

Yeah, so, what to say about me...I guess the most pertinent thing to mention is my newfound love for fashion! And when I say "newfound" I mean like (looks at watch) yeah, reallllll newfound. I'm hoping that my interest will last long enough for me to get at least ONE actual reader. Although, we can't be too sure. My husband STILL taunts me about the 12-pack of peach soda I just HAD TO HAVE when we were dating that sat unopened in his refrigerator for several months until he had to drink it all himself.

But, pleaasssssse, it's a TOTAL coincidence that I currently have about 20 lonely Dr. Peppers in my fridge since I moved on to Coke.....Total coincidence. And it's not fashion, people, IT'S SODA! Or pop, for you midWesterners. Or fizzy lifting drink, for you, uh.... Wonkas.

So, I'm getting so frickin giddy at writing that I am forgetting my duties as a style maven! I figure I should at least put up a picture of a pair of shoes or something. Coz that's kinda why I want you to be here, after all. PLUS, I'm on quite a tear with my pertinent jokes and I don't want to use up all my good material before I hit it BIG. Because, next thing you know, I'm making a Spike Jones joke like Pat Sajak on "Wheel of Fortune," and then....

no, wait! Don't leave! I promised you shoes, didn't I? Of course, of course, I did.

How about these beauties I just purchased at Endless (limited sizes here) but also available at Zappos here and Piperlime here:

And get this-----Enzo Angiolini has so graciously agreed to change his name to "Endo Angiolini" so that I can find his shoes quicker when I Google him. A round of applause, ladies, for the good sport!

Oh, and here are my Hive and Honey ruffle truffle peep-toe booties (just saying the words makes me lightheaded with glee) at Piperlime. Only size 10 left in tan and black, but plenty o' purple left. Mmmmmm....purple......:

OK, there you are. My two new favorite pairs of shoes. Now leave a comment and tell me what I am supposed to wear them with. K, ladies?

(tapping my foot)

(still tapping...)

Oh, wait, what? You mean that's not how this blog thingee works?

Well, shoot. I guess maybe I can come up with a few outfits myself and post them, if THAT'S how y'all are going to be. Hmmm... methinks I am dangerously approaching the realm of what some people would call "the crazies." Whee for blogging!

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