Thursday, December 17, 2009

Sweet Dreams are made of these (pieces)

I had a vision last night. A VISION OF STYLE. And I got so freakin' obsessed with it (in typical me-style) that I almost didn't think I would fall asleep at all.

Why, you ask?

Because it all hinged on a CERTAIN DRESS at Loft that I stood in the dressing room with for A GOOD 10 MINUTES just staring at myself. So long, in fact that the dressing room attendant actually knocked on my door and asked me if I was "waiting for clothes."

I kind of sputtered out a weak "No, I'm just trying some stuff on" before she scurried off. But, honestly, I was left a little flummoxed. It SOUNDED like she thought I had strolled into the store, hunkered down in my fave dressing room, and then....sat waiting for someone to bring me a shirt to try on? "FETCH ME SOME STYLE, GOOD PEEPS!"

So, mix in this awkward encounter with my infamous indecision and you got it---I hightailed it out of there with no bags in hand. And now, I'm kicking myself because, um, $19.88.

YES! I KNOW! Ridiculous, right? I can't even bring myself to spend UNDER $20 without making a HUGE, ungodly ordeal. (Um, why am I shouting so much? Rein it in, dear!)

So, anyway, my only hope is that this all happened on Tuesday night, and nobody (resisting the urge to yell here, but just be sure to add a little extra oomph when you read it) shops on Wednesday, right? I am stopping by the store ASAP after I teach my aerobics class this morning, and if it's not there, well, now, I'm not even going to contemplate such a travesty.

But, to get myself a little pumped up. Here, dear lovely self, is the look I very well think I can make with only a splash of nighttime anxiety and $19.88 (ahem, plus tax. Damn you, VA!)

It's Anthropologie, peeps! One of their gorgeous December outfits. And trust me, if my head wasn't shaped like a cone, I would even be sporting the headband in this super-cute combo. Alas, stretchy headbands last about 5 seconds on my head, until I feel it sliding....there it goes....there it goes.....and POP!

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