Sunday, December 20, 2009

Sweet dreams realized (um, sort of)

So, I did end up scurrying back to the mall to purchase my $19.98 nightmare-inducing dress.

But, uh-uh-oh, things did not go as planned. Nossirreee. Because my $19.98 dress as I knew it was no longer at Loft....

In its place?


So, um, I still didn't buy it, because at this rate, it will be $5 before I know it!

YEAH RIGHT. I picked that puppy up quickety split and hung it victoriously in the passenger seat of my car to start my 45-minute commute up to work.

So, in the next few days, I hope to put up a picture of my Anthro-inspired outfit, even though, it kinda didn't turn out exactly how I planned. But that's good, right? Because that will force me to adjust and make it MY OWN, instead of just copycat. (so she says)

The lessons I learned:

Number One. Wait (24 hours), and ye shall receive (mucho discounts). I choose to ignore the alternative result of my prudence.

Number Two. Just because I commute 45 minutes to work, DOES NOT guarantee me that I will not run into a co-worker at my local mall when we're both supposed to be at work. Oopsee!

Number Three. Aforementioned 45-minute commute is a perfect opportunity to compose my latest blog in my head and repeat it until memorized... Because we all do that, right?

um, right?

Number Three A (addendum). I am the only person in the world who composes and memorizes entire blog-length stories in my head so that I can dictate them later. Which also probably means I'm the only person who plays factor games with words and phrases in my head. You know, like say,

factor games

as in

facto (5)
rgame (5)
s (1)

11 letters. NO FACTORS! On with my life....

Fun, right? Um...yeah.....So.....

Um, so, anywayz....I....oh wait! I hear my phone ringing in the other room. Gotta run! Ciao!

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