Saturday, January 2, 2010

*Cary Grant Update*

I mentioned Cary Grant's ah-MAZE-ing tumble tricks in Holiday yesterday (from this post) at our New Year's feast at my parents' house.

To which my dad exclaimed, "Yeah, I think he used to work as an acrobat."

And my husband and I must have looked kind of incredulous, because next thing you know, my dad was confirming the information on his handy-dandy iPod (iTouch? iPhone? Blackberry?---Is it ridiculous yet that I have no idea what the difference is between any of these??!!)

Moral of the story is, Dad says Cary Grant dropped out of grammar school and went traveling the world as a STILT WALKER. That's right. And I assume (I hope) that to walk on stilts you need *some* kind of formal training in---oh, yes---acrobatics.

So there you go. Too bizarre that I had to share---and too priceless to confirm for myself. So forever and ever Cary Grant will be known as Cary Grant the stilt walker.

End of story.

Photo Credit

Katharine and Cary practicing the double tumble I mentioned here.
(I think Hepburn picked the short end of the stick on this one. Holy.
It makes me queasy just looking at her up there!)

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