Monday, January 25, 2010

Hockey Fan Fashionista

This is actually my outfit from Saturday Night.

I convinced husband to take me to our local Guns & Hoses charity hockey game. It was our first time going---what fun!

Our town USED to have its own professional hockey team. Then we lost it. Then we got it back for a year with a really lousy new name. And then we lost it for good. Now all we get is local university games, which we keep meaning to check out. Boo.

The GOOD NEWS is that since the entire town is suffering from hockey withdrawal, this was the biggest fundraiser (for muscular dystrophy treatment) in the event's seven-year history! HOLLA!

And it was really fun. The "GUNS" are the police officers, and the "HOSES" are the firefighters. Apparently, the guns have won the past two years in a row (um, make that THREE years in a row). What a bummer. Husband and I love rooting for the underdog, so, of course, we wanted the Hoses to win. (Plus it's kinda hard to root for a team full of men who have probably each given me at least one speeding ticket in their cop careers. I hold grudges. What can I say.)

The Hoses came out pretty strong in the beginning, but just didn't have the stamina for three whole periods.

They also had a bunch of giveaways. (I was holding out for the free Nickelback tickets.) But then husband had to get all crazy because he said I wasn't being sarcastic enough and people might think he actually WANTS to see Nickelback, so he had to explicitly clarify to my parents that I was being rude and that he HATES Nickelback. Geesh. Such drama.

So, anyway, I felt very cute and sporty in this, and it reminded me WHY I returned my Athleta puffer vest (oh yeah, I forgot to mention that I actually BOUGHT that...hehe), because I had this fleece Old Navy vest that I think I seriously got for under $15. And I love it! Puffer. Fleece. It's all the same in my book.

I did however keep this Athleta graphic tee, which I love, love, love. I got my true size Medium and it fits a little loose, yay! Athleta workout tops in Medium are usually skintight on me, but this has a nice comfortable fit.

Old Navy black fleece vest (lots of colorful choices here at Lands End)
Athleta longsleeve tee (click pink!)
AE skinny jeans (similar here)
Pacific Sunwear Emu boots (similar here)

Can you find Docker? :)

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