Friday, January 1, 2010

Howdy, neighbor! J.Crew in the house

So APPARENTLY there's a JCrew warehouse set up in my backyard and I didn't even know it. Can you believe it???


You mean, you want proof?

Well, I have not exactly *seen* the warehouse per se. But, uh, I'm chalking this one up to faith....or maybe an underground bunker....because it's the ONLY explanation for why my J.Crew packages arrive so darn quick.

Still dubious?

Oh, well, I'll have to convince you another day, because right now I am too super-psyched about my sale purchases to start dabbling in metaphysics. Yippee!

I love, love, love each and every piece I bought, which is pretty cool, considering some of them were final sale....

1. Soft ochre toothpick ankle cords. I actually already purchased these a few weeks ago, but then they went on sale even FURTHER, and I had to recoup my losses. Of course, I haven't actually returned the original pair yet, and returning things always freak me out so I'll reserve any judgment until the credit actually shows up on my CC.

Toothpick ankle cord in soft ochre

2. More cute T-shirts! I already purchased this sister version and loved it, so I was excited to pick up this one for only about $12 after discounts. Wowza!

Tissue sparkling rose tee in champagne

Love the built-in neckline on this, and the "soft willow" color is gorgeous.

Textured jersey necklace tee in soft willow

3. And now may be a good time to introduce my obsession with Chloe over at The Chloe Conspiracy. After seeing how cute she looked in this, I think the mica mini will be a great neutral bottom for me (because I really need to kick my jeans-with-everything mentality). See the skirt styled on Chloe so fabulously here.

4. And cozy slippers! Because while I may be trying to kick my "PJs as I work" habit, I refuse to actually wear shoes inside my house. :)

And, of course, some tights, and a surprisingly thick/cozy long-sleeved Tee. Hoohah!

Expect to see some of these items in outfits to come. One of the intended benefits of this blog is to force me to follow through on my supposedly "great" purchases. Because as much as I heart many things I buy, sometimes, they end up on the bottom of a clothes pile never to be seen again. Not anymore!!! If I buy it, I'm wearing it. Simple as that...(sheepish grin).

Extra 20% off final sale items and free shipping for orders over $150 with the code EXTRA20 through 1/3/10.

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