Sunday, January 3, 2010

InStyle Sneak Peek (Simple but Chic 1-3)

Join me this week as I attempt Outfits #1-#3 in InStyle's 28 Days feature (January 2010 issue).

Key Pieces:
White shirt
Dress pants
Long cardigan

The skirt, I can do, no prob. Back in the day, Ann Taylor Loft did some MEAN knee-length skirts. I don't think I own any strappy/dramatic sandals though---maybe something to add to my wish list? The white/black combo looks pretty effortlessly chic. And a little intimidating. eek!

I love, love, love Outfit #3. Totally casual, but put-together at the same time. What does it for me is the Michael Kors long cardigan sweater here. It makes me realize I have very little navy in my closet. What's my deal??

I'm a little worried about the color schemes here. I maybe/sort of don't gravitate naturally toward neutrals when I'm shopping. So I can probably scrounge up facsimiles of the fit, but I'm not sure that they'll actually match anything. Or even "go with." Hmm...

But, at the very least, if I can create a reasonable copy of Outfit #3, this whole she-bang will be well worth it. (copppppp out!)

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