Tuesday, January 26, 2010

My Loft-induced Shoe Obsession

SO. I think I mentioned before that nothing is really catching my eye at Loft. All this spring stuff, bah.

Which is kind of a bummer because I have a $20 styles reward card and a whole butt-load of credit coming my way when I return my two pairs of shoes.

...Or maybe it's actually a GOOD thing, because now I have all this free $$ and I can wait until I am desperately craving something and I can just tell that dang apparel, "Oh, yeah? You think you've got the better of me? Well, I'm going to buy you. So there!"


So anyway, there is *one* particular thing that has me scheming a bit on Loft's home page.

Hmm...Are you with me yet? Not quite sure what I'm talking about?


With the laces! And the cutouts! And the cognac color! Gimmegimme!

Unfortunately, these are not Loft shoes (or else they are just dangling them over my nose waiting for my head to explode before they pop up on the website.... hmmm.... definitely possible).

Anyway, I found three reasonable pairs at Zappos that *sort of* duplicate my love for them shoes above.

Let the comparisons begin....

Gabriella Roche Ainslie in Chocolate Croco ($70)

Sofft Fiona in Chocolate Multi Patent/Suede ($110)

Indigo by Clarks Sylvie in Mid Brown Leather ($79)

But I'm not sure I *love* any of these. Maybe I will lay in bed tonight and try to imagine these shoes in actual applications. Hmmm.....shoe dreams....

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  1. Hmm they are all cute, but not 100% (like the dilemma I'm currently having over necklaces). Maybe they'll show up on Loft's website soon!

    In other news, I've lost my mind and am thinking I'm keeping the Free Flow Tank. I keep looking at pictures of myself on my blog and I've sufficiently detached myself enough from it to say, "She looks nice in that." I showed Jamie the pictures and he said, "That's nice," so that is promising. I'm going to attempt to pair it with skinny jeans tonight so we'll see how that goes!