Saturday, January 23, 2010

My Spring Non-Fling

So far, my apparent disinterest in spring clothes continues. I admit that I have been pleasantly intrigued by several things (particularly Ann Taylor items bought by my sister! Visit her blog, Princess of Taylor, here.)

BUT, for the most part, spring just isn't doing it for me.

Now, that doesn't mean to say that I haven't been SHOPPING during this time period! Au contraire. Silly goose.

That just means that I am stocking up on even more winter items that are on super-duper sale (even though my closet is already packed and I don't need any more cold-weather clothes, because I HAVEN'T EVEN WORN EVERYTHING I'VE ALREADY PURCHASED!).

Sigh..... The life of a fledgling fashionista.

Most notably in shopping news, I made my first Anthropologie purchase on Tuesday. My lovely, lovely sweaterdress that I have been pining over all the way since way back when here, went on sale!! So I snatched it up. And since I was placing an order ANYWAY, I also purchased a couple of other things. te he.

And the quick!! And so nicely wrapped up in printed tissue paper. (I am so easy to get along with...)

I'll post about those purchases later. In the meantime, let's just say I'm very pleased. :)

So, as I was saying, I haven't really seen any must-haves from either Ann Taylor or Loft, which is generally pretty shocking for me.

But I do have a shopping cart saved at (of all places) Charlotte Russe.

Here's a peek at what's in my cart:

Yes, I am transparent. I want to buy the three pieces in this outfit (vest, skirt, Tee) because they are already styled for me. lol. HOWEVER, I've also been trying to create other outfits in my mind with these pieces, and they seem pretty versatile.

I especially like the black band on the skirt ($19.99!), and I think I could tuck in some really pretty blouses to recreate my 2-in-1 dress look that I raved about here. In particular, I envision a pretty mint color would look dah-ling. Maybe this at J. Crew in light sage?

This dress is unlike anything in my closet. And I am REALLY trying to find a graphic-print dress, because I decided I am returning my dress from The Limited. Just don't love that one. Sigh...And this is only $16.49. I mean, c'mon.

And the even-better news is that we have a Charlotte Russe store in our local mall, so I can return the no-go's. (Yes, that's right. We have a Charlotte Russe....AND a Wet Seal....AND a Hot Topic. But not a Banana Republic, J.Crew, Ann Taylor, or Anthro in sight....please don't judge me!)

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