Tuesday, January 5, 2010

Outfit #1: Black and White

Well, I finally created my first outfit. And all I can say is....thank goodness!

It was a struggle but I'm already learning some interesting things about fit and proportion.

I prioritized finding a replica of the shirt's loose fit over the white color. My blouse is taupe, and it's a few years old from Loft. (It's hard to tell, but it has lines of ruffles down the front.) As I mentioned before, I have decided that this blouse would be a fine addition to my closet as a basic, classic staple.

The black belt is a cheapie. And the skirt was from an Ann Taylor outlet a few years back.

Embarrassingly enough, I tried on TONS of skirts/tights/shirts to get this pretty simple look (can you tell from my pic how FRUSTRATED I was getting at my styling failures?.....no?.....well, that's the good thing about chopping off my head!!)

I don't have much white in my wardrobe (mostly ivory) because my skin is so fair that I feel like it has to be FLAWLESS to look good in white. And that means I have a couple million too many freckles. Maybe it's just a weird excuse.

Anyway, my look is far less dramatic than the original, mostly because the print in my skirt is whiter, and I wore my new Ann Taylor black leather pumps rather than chunky sandals. The shoes are a bit too big, but I got some foot petals in my stocking this year that might help. But first I have to track down Santa Claus and ask him for some shoe advice. :)

THE SKINNY.........

"Tuck and belt a loose shirt for a quick and classic office look." (InStyle)

Rate of Difficulty to Replicate: 2 (out of 5)

SUMMARY: I'd wear this, sure. Although it did bring to my attention that I have absolutely no defined waist. What's up with that? Aren't belts supposed to "fake" a waist? On the plus side, it made me appreciate the gams again. The outfit reminded me of this Jason Wu one, and I think I prefer his hipper take on "classic." But, overall, it's a simple concept that I can replicate with all my skirts.

Overall Rating: B

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