Sunday, February 14, 2010

Outfit #12: Sparkle and Shine

I've been waiting for my White House Black Market ponte seamed mini skirt to arrive so that I could try out this outfit. I got a size Medium, and the material is very stretchy. I wonder if I could have sized down to small? However, it's pretty short, so I'm scared that I would lose some length with a Small. Plus, WHBM is going to get the "price adjustment" test because my skirt is now on sale! Bah.

Otherwise, I think it's a solid black skirt that I'm pretty sure is a MUST in a wardrobe so I'm happy with it. I added my Limited black infinite loop belt and a few-seasons old Loft sequined stripe Tee in grey. Honestly, I don't think my top is "fun" enough (using InStyle's words here) to transform this outfit into anything amazing. And I wasn't really paying enough attention to the shoes and just used my Steve Madden herringbone flats and black Hue tights. I DO have a pair of red satin peep-toe pumps with rosettes. But, I think I'd have needed to change my top to something flashier to make those shoes work here.

For the sole reason of making myself feel better, I added a Limited cardigan to the outfit to see how it looked....

Me likey better. I think I'm just a layers fan at heart. Everything looks better with a cardi!


"A fun top and sparkling bracelet enliven a formfitting pencil skirt." (InStyle)

Rate of difficulty to replicate: 4 (out of 5)

SUMMARY: Boy, I dropped the ball on this one. Whiffed on the shoes. Whiffed on the top. And I didn't even WEAR a bracelet. I think I got caught up in the shiny sequins of the top and thought I HAD to replicate that sparkle. And this is the sparkliest top I own, but it's got more of a casual vibe. I would have done better to find some fancy-lookin ruffles, I think. This outfit works for me, but more as office-appropriate duds than night-on-the-town regalia.


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  1. I like it with the cardigan too! Did you get the price adjustment yet?