Friday, January 8, 2010

Outfit #2: Office Casual

I had trouble with this outfit. Mostly because all my dress pants are about two sizes too big. But they're nice pants! (ugh I'm horrible)

I really need to either a) get my pants fitted by a tailor, or b) buy new pants and give up on these old ones. I have a REALLY hard time letting go of things in my closet. If I don't feel like I've worn something enough yet, or if I KNOW I spent a lot of $$ on something, or even if I just remember being really excited purchasing something, it's hard for me to admit that it's just not working.

I think seeing the pics of these pants may actually be the impetus I need. Because there is NO WAY I could wear this outside of my house! They really are huge.

I believe this is all pretty much vintage One-button tan cardigan. Lavendar petal tee. And grey dress pants. The belt is a cheapie, and I threw in my new Ann Taylor pumps again.

I had to give up on the blazers because I have the same problem with blazers that I have with pants. Way. Too. Big. Also, I think I tend to look like a linebacker with the blazers I've purchased so I'm a little gun shy to even bother getting them tailored. I tried on my new Christmas White House black scoop-collar jacket (which I love!), but because of the short length, I felt the long cardigan was more "true" to the outfit's intentions.


"A studded belt and a T give a chic edge to a typical work uniform." (InStyle)

Rate of Difficulty to Replicate: 3 (out of 5)

SUMMARY: Sure, I copped out a little on this one. I didn't really put ANY edge into this outfit, but I was so freaked about finding the basic pieces that I couldn't even begin to get creative. The good news is that I think it put into perspective some holes in my closet. Also another instance of showing me how "fit" can make or break an entire look. If I resolve my "tailor vs. start over" dilemma, then I could play around with this "uniform" a bit more successfully.

Overall Rating: C+

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