Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Outfit #5: My Mica Mini

My J. Crew Mica Mini Debut! I love the idea of "dressing down" this very shiny skirt, which, ::ahem:: may need a little steaming. Sorry about that. :)

I only had the red cardigan so I begrudgingly changed color schemes on this one. It's an old Ann Taylor Loft blouse, with a Liz Claiborne long red cardigan sweater (similar style here and here.) The sweater came with a fabric belt, which I *never* quite figured out how to style, so I opted not to include it. The shoes are Steve Madden. (Similar here *ruffles!*)

Truth be told, the long cardigan was thisclose to going to Goodwill....at least twice. The most recent time, it was sitting in a box for a good 6 months and I never missed it. Then, I decided to check one. last. time. to make sure I wanted to give everything away, and I said to myself, "Man, I've NEVER worn this. But there's nothing WRONG with it per se." So it went back in my closet and sat there unloved for another 6 months. Glad I pulled it out.


"The cardigan subdues a bling skirt. Remove the sweater for a night out." (InStyle)

Rate of difficulty to replicate: 2 (out of 5)

SUMMARY: Thanks, InStyle for *really* helping me to shop my closet on this one. Even though I wish my sweater were navy (sighhh...) I can make the red work. Removing the belt and styling it with a skirt (rather than jeans) opened my eyes to new possibilities. I think I'd like this outfit even more with a smaller pattern on the blouse because I really like InStyle's solid navy colors. Good potential here.


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