Thursday, January 21, 2010

Outfit #7: From Cocktail to Brunch

Folks, I am not proud of this.

You see, this outfit is all about dressing down a cocktail dress, and, um, even though I may be a shopping addict, I THANKFULLY recognize that my life does not require too many cocktail-ready outfits. Because a) they're expensive and b) they're just so purty that i'd probably buy a new one each season for the cocktail party I am NOT attending this year...or this decade.

So a sequin dress? Nope. Not in my closet.

I bought my first (and only) "cocktail" dress about a year ago to go on a cruise with my family, and it's *probably* going to remain a super-special occasion dress. Because I don't think I'd ever be talented enough to dress it down. Ever. Seriously. But, hey, it has ruffles, and you know that I love ruffles, so back off! :)

So yeah, in case you didn't notice. This Loft dress is lace. Because in my head: Lace = sequins.

I've always loved this dress, but I think I may have shrunk down about 12 inches since I last wore it. Or, oh good god, did I actually wear this dress at this length??? With the cardigan breaking up the dress a bit, it's not horrible. But can you imagine JUST wearing the dress by itself with all that extra fabric? ::shudder::

The cardigan is my Loft cardigan that you may recognize from this post. And the belt is actually a cheapie skinny belt from NY&C in amphibian grey.....yes, strange. Still available here for $12.99. I ALMOST bought this belt in grey mist with my last EXTRA20 order at J. Crew but I still couldn't justify it for about $ ridiculous.

For the shoes, I figured since the skirt was so long that I'd break out my nude peep-toe heels from Old Navy (because they're supposed to elongate your legs and maybe negate all that fabric below my knee?!?!?). And, they worked OK for their purpose. (similar here)

But then I tried bunching up the skirt to shorten it, and wearing my pointy-toe Anne Klein heels (similar here) for a bit of a switcharoo....

I can't decide whether I need a tailor's intervention here....


"Flats and a sheer cardi turn a cocktail dress into brunch attire." (InStyle)

Rate of difficulty to replicate: 4 (out of 5)

SUMMARY: Wahhhh! No good for me, folks. I like the *concept* here of dressing down the cocktail attire. But didn't we already kind of do that with outfit #6 and my sparkly mica mini? So I can't even really give InStyle points for concept here, either. Oh...and my sister and I have already confirmed that we will NEVER wear flats with a dress. FLATS + DRESS = Ms. "STUMPY LEGS" McGee.


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  1. I love it shortened and with the pointy heels (although the neutral heels are nice too). I'd definitely ask mom if she can tinker with it. And you are right - no flats with dresses allowed!