Sunday, January 24, 2010

SAG Awards 2010: Sandra Bullock

The only thing better than Sandra Bullock at the Golden Globes is....

Sandra Bullock at the SAG awards!

Photo came from here

Another awesome dress. And in this pic with her dah-ling husband. Because seriously, she has been so sweet to him in all her acceptance speeches, dagnamit, I love him, too, now!

I'm so glad that Bullock is finally getting recognition as the fantastic, beautiful, comedic actress that she is.

And now you're thinking: NO WAY can this get any better.

Oh, but it does.

Because Bullock presented a special lifetime award tonight to Betty White, who has to be the most adorable, lovable, sharp-witted, outrageous woman alive. I mean, does ANYONE not like Betty White?

I mean, yeah, of course, The Golden Girls and The Mary Tyler Moore Show. But have you seen this woman on "Password"??? She's sharper at game shows than people my age!

You can view Bullock's hilarious introduction on YouTube here, along with White's AMAH-ZING history in show business.

(You think THAT'S funny? View the rest here, and prepare for some LOLs with Betty White's speech.)


  1. This dress is very pretty. Reminiscent of those combo dresses that I currently adore.

    I had seen that Sandra Bullock was presenting this award to Betty White (can't remember which talk show she was on). Did you see The Proposal? Jamie rented it against my will but OMG Betty White was the funniest thing in it (as she usually is).

    She was also hysterical in 30 Rock - Tracy Jordan gets all freaked out because two celebrities have died and he thinks he'll be the third (because celebs always seem to die in threes) so he calls Betty White pretending to be a ghost thinking he'll scare her to death. She recognizes his voice, gets all indignant and said, "I'm gonna be at your funeral, Jordan!" Too funny!

  2. I KNOW! Betty White's so hysterical. I haven't seen The Proposal yet. It's in my Netflix queue though!!!