Saturday, January 2, 2010

Saturday's Outfit: Chunky Monkey

Today was freezing. BRRRRR!!! And very windy. I only made a few trips outside to carry some things in from my car and take down some Christmas decorations, so I tried to stay cozy all day.

I wore my Loft chunky sweater vest today, but I must say that comfort won out over any fashion attempt. Truth be told, I haven't quite figured out HOW to wear this vest at all. I think I probably purchased it in a size too big (my "regular" M), but they were sold out in my store and online by the time I realized it. Boo.

Now I just always feel like it's a bit too....chunky monkey.....At least it is when it's freezing out, and it can't just be a cute top layer.

I tried wearing this with my silver skinny bow belt, but husband pooh-poohed it. Of course, he also told me that my boots reminded him of these guys....that's right....from Star perhaps, I should wear the belt next time, hmm? Or, maybe just throw my snow boots back in the closet and cower in shame......These are not the boots you are looking for.....

(yes, that's the only thing I remember from those movies....still cowering....)

Chunky sweater vest (Loft-no longer available)
Emu boots (Pacific Sunwear.....ironic, no?)
Ruffle plaid shirt from a few years ago (J.Crew)
Slim dark-wash jeans (Loft)
Grey long-sleeve Tee (Limited)

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