Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Shoe Daze (Seychelles & Steve Madden)

So has done it to me again. With free shipping/returns, I MIGHT AS WELL throw in a couple of extra pairs even if I REALLY only came in the virtual door looking for one.

My shopping theme for this batch is oxfords. The "one pair" I went in for originally was my Seychelles Potion Pumps in vintage white that I blogged about here! Wheee! I set up an e-mail alert so Endless e-mailed me when the 8.5's were available. HOO-rah!

Unfortunately, as any good storyteller knows, there has to be a twist....

Onto the reviews....

First: The Worst

Steve Madden Women's Harah Lace-Up Oxford ($79.95)
Oh, Harah. I had such high hopes for you. I thought SURELY you were my cheap ticket to coolness (i.e., wearing light-colored shoes with grey tights.) These and these from Anthro just are not in my budget.

SO retro! SO unique! SO.......not gonna happen.

I admit that the lighting in my house is pretty bad, but, um, this "grey leather" ended up looking very orthopedic to me. You know that kind of blegh hospital tan color? And they weren't that comfy, either. Geesh.

And, what's up with the little upturned toes? I don't like being able to see the soles of my shoes. (Unless they have diamonds, of course.)

Second: The Best

Seychelles Spellbound Oxford in Navy ($79.95)
Okaaaaay. I admit I fudged a little here. I wouldn't so much call these "the best" as "second to worst." I realized as I was trying on all these cute oxford shoes that I haven't put much thought into HOW one actually would wear oxfords.... Socks? Tights? Bare feet? I DON'T KNOW! So these shoes might actually be kind of cute, but I'll never know because I had no clue how to style them. Sigh.

Third: The one with the hairy chest...

Seychelles Spectacle Women's Bootie ($61.83)
Now THESE were probably the best by a small margin. But they had to go third, because, yes, folks, they had a hirsute problem. Don't believe me? Check this out:

See? Apology accepted. :)

This is the SECOND pair of Seychelles that I've had quality control issues with. I'm kinda bummed coz I still really love their vintage style, but I do not love loose threads or color discoloration or hairy chests on $80 shoes. Harummph.

And Fourth: The Grand Finale!!! My Potion Pumps in Vintage White! Size 8.5!!

Let's give it up for the best shoes ever!!






Um, way to go Blogger. Those aren't my potion pumps. Let's try this again.

Oh....wait...what's that you say? You mean this is the shoe Endless sent INSTEAD of my potion pumps?

Now why on earth would Endless send the wrong shoe?!?!

Oh, I see. These vaudeville shoes were in a BOX that SAID potion pumps. But it was a mistake.

Uh huh.

Yes, and now the potion pumps are sold out again. I get it. Sure.


I called Endless about the problem, and they couldn't do much for me, except agree that "Yeah, that's really weird." And, "Yeah, the potion pumps are sold out in your size." So what else can you do? As my grandmother says: Everything happens for a reason.

So dramatics aside, these imposter shoes were actually not so bad. Truth be told, I had been checking this style out in green, but they sent me the much-less-crazy-person black/maroon. They're called the Seychelles Vaudeville Pump ($89.95). Except I got mine for the price of the potion pump ($79.95). HOLLA!

Husband didn't like them at first. He said, "The shoes are cute....but I don't like all the straps." I was like, um, I think the straps are considered PART of the shoe, so what exactly is cute? I think he just likes the shape because they look like my Ann Taylor pumps and he's pretty smitten with those. (Later he admitted that the straps were kind of growing on him.)

And that is my latest Endless order. Two no's. Two maybe's. I'll probably sit on them a few more days until I decide for sure. But I have a feeling all of these will be going back. (I think I may have overextended myself a little on this order. Even though I KNOW I can return these and get a refund, I tend to stress out until I am in the clear and my CC has been credited. ::Shudder::)


  1. I think you are wearing the oxford right. My own personal take is that I wear my oxford shoes when I'm wearing a skirt and opaque tights (or knee socks, if you will) because I think it looks weird to have opaque tights and then a regular heel on.

    Those Steve Madden ones are positively dreadful (and speaking from experience, one of the most uncomfortable shoe brands, I have ever encountered! I'm surprised I can still walk at all after hobbling through NYC in Steve Maddens for four years), but I do like the last ones (although they are not at all what you went into the excursion looking for).

    It is really cute how Brad has such an opinion about all these things. He'd better watch out or I am going to start asking him what he thinks about my outfits since Jamie could really care less!

  2. Yeah, I might try the strappy pair on one more time just to be sure, but everything else is going back for sure. I think (in the long run) Anthro is going to be good for my shopping habits, because now that I've experienced true love, I won't be willing to settle when things are just meh. lol.