Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Shoe Review

Whenever I go crazy placing online orders for clothes and shoes and whatnot, I tend to "theme" shop.

For example, I'll get it in my head that I don't own enough neutrals. And, next thing you know, within a week, I have three separate orders of everything white.

Or I'll try to create an outfit one day, and go, "Darn, I wish I had a black wide belt to go with this." And, for my next online obsession I'll be adding belt after belt to my shopping carts. (Of course, the black wide belt I *originally* needed is usually conspicuously absent!)

Which leads me to my most recent online shopping "theme": SHOES!

With most shoes in my life, I have prioritized function over form. I run around a lot, and it's important that my wardrobe doesn't slow me down. I also have a real fear of "clacking" moments---perhaps the side effect of going to Catholic school and constantly walking up and down the long aisle at our church in dead silence? So, I've avoided heels like the plague.

But, now, I am beginning to appreciate shoes as style pieces in themselves! Who knew?!?!

And with great stores like and offering free shipping and returns, I can experiment fearlessly.

These are six pairs of shoes I've purchased recently. Some hits. Some misses. (And all with a big, honkin' bandaid on my leg from where I scratched the heck out of myself the other day. Blegh. I hate dry, winter skin!!!) ENJOY!

BC Footwear Bicycle Built for Two ruffle flat ($39.99, free shipping at Piperlime. Available in purple, "green," and black)

I have been stalking these shoes for a while, and I want both the green (which looks like teal to me) and the purple. I finally caved when Piperlime offered an additional 20% and purchased the purple. But I threw in the black, too, just in case the purple was ridiculous.

Oddly enough, I preferred the purple ones to the black. The black ones were almost more clown-like, because you couldn't really tell what the ruffles were. So they just looked like big poofs on my toes. Dumpy and cheap looking. Blegh. I think if I get black flats, they will be plain, plain, plain for more of an Audrey Hepburn look. These are going back to the store.

The purple ones I liked, but I'm still on the fence. Because I am realizing that flats kind of make my legs look dumpy! And the purple is DEFINITELY a statement color, which I don't know if I can pull off with my rather colorful wardrobe anyway. Maybe keeping; we'll see.

Me Too Jeanette Evening Pump ($51.90, free shipping at Endless. Also available in black.)

These are by far the best pair of shoes I've bought. And I can't take any credit for finding them, because I purchased them impulsively after Chloe at The Chloe Conspiracy recommended them as knockoffs for her Valentino D'Orsays. Chloe linked to a Nordstrom product, I think, but Endless offers free shipping, so I got them for about the same price and I had the option of free returns in case I didn't love them as much as I truly, dearly, madly, love them now!!!

These are absolutely adorable, fit great, and make me feel like a total princess! I'll have to break them in a bit, so the back strap *may* chafe a little, but who the hell cares?!?! lol. Yay for pretty, impractical shoes.

Ann Taylor crimson bow flats (On sale for $89.99. Plus extra 25% with code EXTRA25)

I HATED these shoes! lol. The fit was horrible. The sides and toe were so low/skimpy that I felt like my feet had nothing to grip onto! Also, the sole was razor thin, and it felt like I wasn't even wearing shoes. I don't see them being comfy at all, and, um, that's why I would *wear* flats! Geesh. DEFINITELY going back.

Ann Taylor black leather pumps (Available in aubergine for $99.99. Plus extra 25% with code EXTRA25)

I've been wearing these a lot so no surprise here. I LOVE these shoes! They're a teensy bit too big, but my foot-petal experiment will soon be starting. My husband loves them, too. :) They're super shiny, and really classic-looking. KEEPERS!

Seychelles Potion Pump in vintage white ($79.95. Limited sizes but also available in two other CUTE colors!!)

I am absolutely torn about these shoes. I love, love, love them. My husband loves, loves, loves them. But either these shoes are defective, or my left foot is suddenly a halfsize smaller than my right foot! What's the deal?! I totally planned on returning my 9s for an 8.5, but ::gasp:: they're already sold out in BOTH sizes!! Wahhhh...

I set up an email alert if my size comes back. And I could get the "clay" version, which I also love. But these were going to satisfy my sudden urge to wear white shoes with grey tights like styled with this Anthro dress.

As you can see in the left pic, they're pretty substantially big. PLUS, I don't know if I just got a bum pair, but there's some serious color discoloration and some black scuffs. I hope if I DO return them that I don't get blamed!!!

And this isn't it, either, folks! I've already put two more pairs of Seychelle shoes in my Endless shopping cart (bwa ha ha!). How about these in brown and these in navy, eh?


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