Monday, January 11, 2010

Sneak Peek (Ahoy, Matey! 4-7)

Time flies when you're having fun! Outfits #4-7 in my InStyle challenge.

I'm running on a style high after my latest success with Outfit #3 here.

Lovin' the layers in all 4 outfits coming up. But again, the blazers here may be tricky because the jackets in my closet run the gamut in sizes....6, 8, 10....and none fits right.....

I still can't decide if it's worth it to try to take them all to a tailor (I read in InStyle that blazers are real tricky), or if I should just invest in new ones altogether. In the meantime, I might try to make them work here. Could be the deciding factor.

Very excited about Outfit #5 because I DEFINITELY see myself breakin' out my new Mica Mini from J.Crew from this post!

The shoes seem pretty generic this time around so I think I can replicate them without much trouble.

Ooh, but the first outfit (#4) with the denim-like jacket and the bold print dress looks like it may be tricky. Mixing patterns is not my forte. And I have very few dresses to choose from in the first place.

And, the sailor outfit? Deceptively tricky. It looks simple, but I have a feeling that because it's so basic, that getting the *exact* right pieces is going to be key. We shall see....

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