Friday, January 22, 2010

Sneak Peek (Neon & Sheaths 8-10)

Oof, the InStyle Challenge earns its name with these three next outfits.

Key Pieces:
White shirt
Black pencil skirt
Sheath dress

Um, yeah, it's beginning to be embarrassing how few "key pieces" I own. Maybe I'm being too literal, thinking I need *exactly* the item that they feature. But, again, I tend to purchase things that strike me immediately as (ooh!) pretty rather than thinking about the item's quality, longevity, or how it'll work with the rest of my closet. So I may have slightly similar pieces, but they're certainly not essentials in my closet.

Um....and in a slightly less embarrassing admission----I *really* doubt I have anything neon....

But, never know what I'll find in my closet. That's the point of this here thing, after all!

Two more simple outfits here (the army jacket outfit and the sheath dress) that I think are going to be tricky.

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