Monday, January 4, 2010

We Interrupt This Blog for A Wind Chill Advisory

Well, I realized that I should probably clarify the terms of my InStyle Challenge. In other words, issue my disclaimer.


I am in no way affiliated with or commissioned by InStyle. I'm just little ol' me testing whether I can really shop my closet for 28 outfits and learn to put things together in new ways.

(I don't really know who it is I am protecting by setting myself apart from InStyle. Me? .... Or more likely them!)

Regardless, I don't know squat about InStyle other than that I've subscribed for about a year now and I freak out every time the mag shows up in my mailbox.

My favorite part is (big surprise!) the outfits they suggest. I'm a very visual person and it's a huge help to see things actually put together. Unfortunately, it's one of those frustrating situations where I know what I like when I see it, but it's near impossible for me to create on my own. Someday, though....someday!!

I don't even know where InStyle is based out of....although I'm gonna go out on a limb and say they are NOWHERE NEAR ME. Because if they were, they would know about this terrific temperature drop we've been having of late. And they'd be showing me how to look cute and stylish holding a snow shovel.....

Instead....this is the outfit I planned on creating today....

And, I lay in bed this morning listening to the radio alarm clock and to the announcer say that there was a wind chill advisory and it was going to feel like 5 degrees below outside.....sorry but I pulled the covers over my head and said, no sirreee. No skirts for me!

Honestly, I had been planning on winterizing it best I could, but it's windy and it's icy and it's cold.... ::whine whine whine:: .... And the LAST thing I need is to flash a street full of people right before my heel slips out from under me and I land in a pile of dirty snow.

Oh, and then my tights get a run. *WAH*

So instead, this is what I wore today:

Mostly old tried-and-true pieces. My black boots are super old, who knows where I got them. Same slim Loft jeans I wear way too much. My jacket....which I now realize is AT LEAST SEVEN YEARS OLD. Oof.

I actually came pretty close to having a new coat this year. In fact, I brought it home with me. And then about a month later, I freaked out because I was spending too much $$$ on clothing, and I realized I hadn't even LOOKED at my coat yet---um, because it was September--- and it was the necessary casualty. Sniff sniff. My ex-purple coat.

Oooooh, but I am wearing a FEW pretty-recent purchases:

Black infinity scarf (Limited -- available in muchos colors, and sale prices range from $9.99-$24.99)
Long black gloves (Loft -- still available in blue and berry; $14.99, plus additional 25% off)

This is what I was wearing underneath:

Red turtleneck (Loft - sold out online)
Grey longsleeve tee (Limited ---- soooo cozy!!! and great length/fit ---- It's under there, just trust me!)
Seamless black cami (I dunno! But you can't see it anyway! hehe)

(But in all reality, I kept my coat on at work for probably half the day waiting for the office to warm up...I felt a little like Bob Cratchit, even though my boss came in and gave me a space heater. brrrrrrr)

So, I hope to return to my previously scheduled programming as soon as possible.

The good news is that I've had more time to think about Outfit #1, and I've decided that I very much need this in my wardrobe in ivory.....

.......Wait, I did say "good" news, right? Me thinketh my wallet disagrees...

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