Monday, February 22, 2010

Ain't Nothin Like the Real Thang: Falling Ribbon Cardigan


Falling Ribbon Cardigan at Anthropologie (no longer online)
I missed out on this cardigan when it was available online. But I love the yellow/navy color combo, and the random, yet perfectly placed ribbons. And look at those sleeves!!! If they're truly that long then I am lovin' it. If you're dying for the original, there are plenty available on eBay, ranging from $60 to $90.


Frog Closure Cardigan ($59.50) at The Limited
Not the random simplicity of the original, but the colors are there. Unfortunately, (::sniff, sniff::) the sleeves look 3/4 length and it's more of a cropped look. But a reasonable facsimile of the somewhat-military feel.....(Does it really have a military feel, or is it just me? Hmmm...)

And by the way, you may notice that I use The Limited a lot for my knockoffs, but ---eh---- they ain't always so cheap! The GOOD news is that The Limited often has great sale promotions, and even greater coupons. And the shipping is a lot cheaper than Anthro, too! So it's worth it to stalk their Website or store and wait for a good deal before you pounce.


  1. This color combo baffles me - I think that's going to be my next challenge (mixing random colors that don't seem to go together but Anthropologie claims that they do!)

  2. hahaha...yeah, I can recognize color combos I like that are put together by OTHER people, but when I try to make them up on my own? I'm very boring, by the book..... So sad!

  3. The Limited's cardigan is actually a dead-on knock-off of the Sousa Regalia Cardi by Tracy Reese sold at Anthro a few seasons ago...

  4. NezumiRyuko---thanks for the heads-up! You are indeed correct. I realized the error of my ways a few days after I posted this, and The Look 4 Less revealed the much better match. Oof. Hey, I tried! :/

    Here's the link to The Look 4 Less post: