Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Cheap Pizza, Chic Outfit......Oh, and I'm kinda famous now

I am going to CiCi's Pizza with my dad today for lunch. We've only been once or twice, but they are currently having a sale for $3.99. PLUS, my dad has a BOGO coupon. Seriously? If they let us use both discounts, I will eat my hat .... after I eat tons and tons of pizza, of course.

So I will post a quick picture when I get back from yummy pizza. (But not the mac & cheese pizza. EWWWW!)

But the real reason I wanted to post is because I had the most surreal experience driving home from the post office this morning.

I was a couple of miles from my house, when I looked up at one of the billboards lining the road, and, was ME up there!


Strangely enough, this is the first time I've ever run across a billboard with my picture on it, and I'm betting it will be the last, so I seriously have to appreciate this moment.

You see, a few months ago, our county opened a huge recreation center and--me being an instructor--they asked for some of us to go take pictures of us "working out" for promotion. I had no idea what they were going to use the pics for. But then, in December, their recreation magazine comes out and *POOF* there I am on the cover. On a treadmill. In a horrible picture.

Because you see, I may teach aerobics, people, but this was my first time on a treadmill. I don't really do machines too well. So anyway, I look like even MORE of a dork because they didn't have power yet at the facility. So I am FAKE WALKING on a treadmill. Oh, the humanity.

The good news is that the billboard picture is a different one where I am FAKE RUNNING and I must say (at least from 100 yards away), I look like I actually know what I'm doing. Bah.

So, anyway, time for lunch. But I will be back to re-post my outfit pic.

And do you think I'm going to take a picture of this billboard? You bet your sweet buns I am!

Stay tuned....

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  1. That's so awesome! I saw the cover of the magazine, but I didn't realize they were using the pictures for other reason! You should be flattered - obviously the pictures look nice or they would have used someone else!

    And Cici's? Hmm - I always see their commercials and think, "That could be either amazing or awful" then I see the cinnamon rolls at the end and start drooling. Yum!