Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Covetable Shoes

It's very strange....but I have been shoe crazy of late.

What's not so strange is that I am finding myself attracted to a very definite style, which is neat. Because I feel like my own "personal style" is starting to peek through amidst all of my copycat inclinations. HOOrah!

So I'm ready to pull the trigger on some Totally-Me Shoes. But really, it's just a matter of finding the perfect combination of adorable and cheap... Here are some of my current faves:

Ringsend Heel ($90) at Anthropologie
I am proud to say that I knew these were Seychelles even before I saw the logo in the product photos.

How could I know this, you ask? A. Because they're the only shoes at Anthro in my price range, and B. Because I friggin' love them! And I have realized that EVERYTHING Seychelles makes me swoon. These are no different. They come in light grey (pictured above) and peach. If I were more adventurous, I might consider the peach. But I don't think I could pull them off with my current wardrobe...

Carved Celadon Heels ($168) at Anthropologie
Have I mentioned that I am in love with these before? If I haven't, then let's make it official. LOVE. However, these are terrifically out of my price range and it doesn't seem like Anthro shoes go on sale quick enough (or stay stocked in my size) to make this dream even close to being fulfilled. C'est la vie, dear carved celadons....

Seychelles Tippy Toe Pumps ($99.95 at Endless)
I know. More Seychelles. (I'm a glutton for punishment.) And yeah, I know, these are crazy. But I LOVE THEM! Apparently, I am easy to please. Just give me some pretty cutouts, laces, and a heel, and I'm sold. These come in teal, grey, and black. And though the grey seems more practical, I am thisclose to coveting the teal ones. I mean, if I'm going to visit crazytown, I want to get the full experience, right?

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