Sunday, February 28, 2010

Fitting Room Reviews: Ann Taylor Loft (Part I)

Well, I caved in and went to the mall this afternoon to try on some of the lovelies at Ann Taylor Loft. It reminded me how nice it is to see things in person first. I've been shopping at Loft for years, and I still get surprises every now and then with how things fit.

Anorak Cardigan ($79.50)
In Mulch Brown Melange, yummy......I actually liked this, even though it does make me look pretty boxy. This is the size small; it slipped right over my head. The crazy Loft lady brought me in a million things to try on with MY picks, after she basically scolded me for trying on things all willy nilly. Harumph. So there's a white blouse underneath, nothing special IMO, but I think it was the Rolled Sleeve Button Down Shirt. It was pretty sheer. Anyway, the cardigan material was very cozy, and I could totally see myself wearing this on a casual day (because EVERY day is casual day!). But it's soooo expensive.

Unknown Pullover---Sorry, guys, I'm not very good at this yet. When I was trying this one on, I THOUGHT it was the cowl neck pullover here, but that's not it at all. Which is actually good news coz I was really disappointed about the fit, so there's hope for the cowl neck pullover yet! This is another small. I just didn't know what to do with all the fabric around the neck here and the shoulders sat funny because the seam is supposed to(?) sit in FRONT of your shoulders for a slouchy fit. I think.... And there were about a million too many ties (one in the neck and one on the bottom middle). Whatever this thing is, don't worry about it!

Chambray Shirtdress (On Sale. $59.50)
I'm an idiot. I could NOT figure out these buttons at all (as you can tell by the horrendous photos above. But now that I take a closer look at the online photo, I *THINK* I buttoned these backwards. Doh. So it's not a product flaw: It's a human being flaw. Ignoring the buttons, I thought this was pretty cute. But Husband said he didn't like it because it looked too much like a worker's jumpsuit. Size 8. I mostly tried this on since the OTHER shirtdress I like is online only. I think the OTHER one has feminine details that would combat the manliness of this, don't you?

All right! That's all for now. I'll be back with Part 2 of my shopping trip later in the week. :)


  1. Yay for your first review and haha about the buttons. I definitely like the online shirtdress better (and then there's the Reed Shirtdress too!)

    The first sweater looks cozy - especially as I'm sitting here freezing because Jamie refuses to turn up the heat! LOL

    Looking forward to the rest!

  2. Loft finally added this cowlneck pullover online. Meh. Here's the link: