Monday, February 15, 2010

The Great Ann Taylor Loft Scarf Debacle

Oh, today. What an exciting day.

I get to chat with all kinds of customer service representatives at all my favorite stores.

My Loft order arrived today. YAY!

But, uh, this is the Dip Dye Linen Scarf I ordered....

Pretty, right?

But, uh, this is the scarf I received....

Yeah, not quite what I was expecting. There was a PRINT on that first picture, right? Or am I just going loopy???

I checked the style number and it matches the one online. And THEN I actually read the description (which I usually don't do, because I prefer pretty pictures!). That's when I read words like "dip dye" and "ombre" and "cornflower blue." Whahhh?

I called Loft to ask what the heck was going on, and my customer rep seemed as confused as I was.

Her explanation was that they made the sample, and then before production started, they changed their mind and switched it up. Seriously? They would change the design from a colored print to an ombre? That seems weird to me.

But whatever.

I'm seriously bummed because I fell in love with this scarf. And I asked whether it might be coming out later or something, and she said she had no idea. So moral of the story, don't buy this scarf!! I am amazed that they haven't corrected this problem online yet, because I CAN'T be the first person to buy this scarf.

She even asked if I was happy with the scarf...I was like, um, no. I already have a scarf this color. So she's sending me a prepaid postage label to return it, but you can bet your booties I'm going to make sure I get as much $$ back on this as I deserve. No shenanigans here, nuh uh.


In more cheerful news, my sister went to Anthropologie today and found my pretty From O'Keeffe necklace that I missed out on the first time around. I blogged about it here. She is going to ship it down to me this week. Woohoo! I can't wait to see it in person.

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