Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Instyle Challenge Sneak Peek (Outfits 18-21)


It's our InStyle outfits (18-21)....only seven more to go after these. :)

And, I'm sort of yawning because this styling stuff wears me out!

... And I'm also sort of yawning because this batch has left me pretty uninspired.

Neutral, neutral, neutral. DEFINITELY feel the need to add some pops of color or print to these outfits. The details I'm seeing here just don't have enough OOMPH for me.

Another real problem is that I don't own many of these items. No wrap blouse. No leather pants(!). No studded blouse. No standout jacket, coral or otherwise. So I don't even know where to start. Definitely going to take some creativity on my part.

And I'm thinking that (in the interest of time and sanity) I might just play around with all these outfits and do one mega-post for Numbers 18-21. Because I honestly doubt that I will come up with anything so amazing it deserves its own post!

Once I get started styling, we'll see how things go....

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