Wednesday, February 10, 2010

InStyle (the cream of the crop)

I recently scored a great deal on Slick Deals for a rockin' $5 one-year subscription to InStyle Magazine so I renewed my current subscription and vowed never to pay full price again. (Well, we'll see.) I'll post, if I ever find another good deal.

Because I'm pretty addicted to InStyle (as you have probably noticed), and I'm kinda thinking they're an aberration in the fashion mag world. I made the mistake of checking out Lucky's Website a few weeks ago, which seemed OK, and then grabbed the latest issue in an impulse buy at the Target checkout line. And, boo, was I disappointed.

My biggest pet peeve in magazines is when the ads look like editorial content (you know, when they have to put in fine print at the top of the page: By the way, lady, this is an ad. But it's not that we're trying to trick you or anything. We're just, ya know, sharing.)

Well, apparently, I can add a NEW PET PEEVE to my list because I have found a new phenomenon in Lucky where the editorial content--you know the stuff you WANT to read--looks more like ads than the ADS do!

How bizarre is this? I seriously skipped over page after page, thinking it was junk, and then got a horrible sinking feeling that I had missed something totally stylish, and had to turn back. "Lucky" for me (sha-WING), most of the content I missed was in fact junk anyway. But, ya know, at least give me the chance to dismiss your content the first-time around. Geesh.

OK, so the mag wasn't HORRIBLE, but any of the worthwhile content was available online as far as I could tell.

So no more Lucky. And I already swore off Glamour when I picked one up for a flight a few years back. And seriously, I don't think I care enough to try any other magazines. Unless of course, there is a magazine for cheap people who want to *FAKE* style but can't afford *REAL* style, and who don't want to look at nakee ladies trying to convince me that I want to smell like them. Or that I want to buy the brand of shoes they aren't actually wearing in the photo. Weeeiirrddd....

So, what was I saying? Yeah, InStyle. They e-mail me their "Look of the Day" feature, which is neat except for when they only pick red-carpet glamour dresses, because, uh, little secret here.....I don't go to red-carpet events.

Yeah, right, I know. It shocks everyone I tell. So, aside from their being completely irrelevant, they're still good for oohs and aahs. But sometime more like AAAHHHHHHHS!, especially if it's Nicole Kidman. For some reason, she kinda irks me. It may be that my husband has rubbed off on me, because he has a real distaste for redheads. (I continually remind him that my hair was red--dyed, of course--when we started dating, but, um, he still hasn't quite explained how his distaste doesn't apply to me----errr, at least "then-me"-----hmm....maybe I'll ask him when he gets home.)

But some of my fav red-carpet stars are Kate Winslet, Kate Beckinsale, ooh, and Olivia Wilde from House. So chic!

Anyway, another of my favorite features is Look for Less (of course), where they show you how to buy copy-cat styles on the cheap. At this point in my foray into fashion, I need all the copycat ideas I can find. Trouble is, they don't update it very often. Boo.

It's still keeping me pretty busy, but there HAS to be another fashion magazine out there that's the same caliber as InStyle to beef up my idea pool.

Any suggestions????


  1. I enjoyed this post! Unfortunately, I can't be any help about fashion magazines. Years ago I used to read one -- for the life of me, I can't remember which one, maybe Elle? -- and it was hilarious because it would be, like, "t-shirt, $856." Um yeah right I'll be buying that. I did enjoy looking at the pictures, but I've never found a fashion magazine that's relevant to me in real life.

  2. Lady Cardigan--I agree! I prefer to live my life oblivious that any of these expensive goodies even exist! It's just such a letdown when you get excited about something and then see the price. I might have to check out Elle again; I remember liking one in high school (oof--so long ago) for the articles. Fashion wasn't quite on my radar yet. :)