Saturday, February 20, 2010

My Outfit: Babies 'n' Lace

I have an outfit of the day to share!

It's very rare that I go anywhere outside of my house in actual clothing. (Not that I'm NAKED or anything. You KNOW what I mean!)

(And this has NOTHING to do with me being a hermit...)

(Because I'm not a hermit...)

(OK, maybe I am a BIT of a hermit....)

(But it's also because I leave the house 7 times a week to go teach aerobics. Moral of the story: I need to divert my fashion attention to workout gear so I can actually WEAR my purchases. Harumph....)

But back to my outfit occasion...

My mother and I went to my sister-in-law's baby shower today! This will be her second child---and her first girl! whee---and this wee (whee!) tot will have the honor of teaching me how to be a mom someday. Because I'm kinda dumb.

And what makes it even WORSE is that I work at a mothering magazine. And I'm still dumb.

But, don't worry, I have MANY, MANY years before I get un-dumb and procreate.

Goodness, back to my outfit....

First of all, I wore my From O'Keeffe necklace today! I really liked it on the Anthropologie Website and blogged about it here, but it got snatched up before I could buy it. Lucky for me, my fan-TAB-ulous sister found one in her local Anthro store! YAY! I totally love it. The yellows and peaches are so pretty, and I like the mixing of textures.

I also wore my Field Game Cardigan (size medium), also from Anthro. And my new Loft Tiered Top in ivory (size small).

I think these are my Loft dark-rinse jeans and navy Keds.

And I also made Husband take a picture of my baby gift, too, because I was so proud of my giraffe motif! A giraffe blanket, a giraffe bib, a giraffe stuffed animal, giraffe onesies, and a monkey pacifier (not really! no monkeys...just making sure you're still paying attention!). All wrapped up in a giraffe bag. I made Husband wrap the present inside the bag because I am the WORLD'S WORST WRAPPER.

Not to be confused with Puff Daddy. (SHA-WING!)

But I did stick the big honkin' bow on the bag, so here it is. My piece de resistance....

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  1. Yay I was wondering yesterday if the necklace had arrived. I'm glad you like it. It looks nice with that outfit and your present looks so pretty too!