Tuesday, February 23, 2010

New Feature: What's in My Shopping Cart?

I'm on an official shopping ban.

No, no, no. I mean it. REALLY!

Officially. Banned.

Husband is a bit incredulous, but I explained that my previous shopping bans were only theoretical....whereas THIS shopping ban is....well....actual.

When I imposed my 2010 Clothing Budget---a strict guideline with some serious cutting back---I should have realized how hard it would be to curtail my obsessive shopping. But now that it's halfway through Month 2, and I'm kinda already WAY over budget, it's time to get serious.

Every time I purchase something, I say to myself, "This is the last one." But then something else starts tempting me, and the "last" purchase then becomes the "next-to-last" purchase. And so on...and so on...

I think part of the problem is that the SHOPPING is what I really enjoy. The WEARING? Not so much. My husband recently found some book on why shopping is addictive, and he says I should read it. (Subtle of him, right?!)

But another part of the problem is that it's much easier to sit on the couch and shop while husband is playing video games, then to

1. Get up off my lazy butt.
2. Go in the bedroom and try stuff on.
3. Make coherent pairings of clothes.
4. Take pictures.
5. Download pictures to my computer.
6. And so on...
7. And so on...

So since I'm sitting on my couch, I really have no idea what's in my closet right now. So how could I POSSIBLY know what items I really need and what I don't need?


ANOTHER part of the problem is that even when I AM thoughtful about my purchases, I have a nasty habit of creating outfits that I don't exactly own yet. For instance, "Oh, look at that shirt! That would look great with the skirt that I just ordered that has not even arrived yet!" ::CLICK TO PURCHASE:: Obviously, the problem with this is that what if that skirt sucks? Plus, it kind of snowballs out of control. I make a purchase. Find something that would look good with that purchase. I make another purchase. Find something ELSE. And so on.

So when I shop....it's always in a flurry of purchases. Buying one thing just sets the ball rolling....

So, in hopes of getting a better handle on my shopping obsession, I thought it would be helpful to post what's idling in my shopping cart.....

Oh, who am I kidding? Shopping CARTS. As in plural. Very. Plural.

So whenever I get a hankering to purchase something, I'm coming here first. Because hopefully it will remove the immediate impulse to actually PURCHASE, and help me be more thoughtful.

Of course, this is all moot at the moment, because I AM ON A SHOPPING BAN!

The good news is that my shopping ban ends February 28. (Hey, I'm only human.) So if these items are still available, and they've passed my critical analysis, then maybe----just, maybe----they can join the rest of my under-loved clothes in my over-stuffed closet.

So I was going to include my first shopping-cart post, but now I'm just getting a bit too long-winded, so I am going to post it in exactly T Minus 5 minutes. Or roundabout there.....


  1. Ack you are posting too many posts. I can't keep up with it all! I love the shoes you posted about - some of the Anthro shoes are pretty crazy though. I think I'm just a basic black heels girl myself.

    So you are on a shopping ban for like a week? LOL Nice. I could do that! (Did you see Anthro is doing free shipping if you sign up to be a member!)

  2. Yes! I just signed up to be a member at Anthro! So excited. Their shipping always makes me feel anxious, so now there's no stopping me! And I know about too many posts...lol....I'm not very good at pacing myself. Either I want to post constantly or I don't at all. lol.