Tuesday, February 16, 2010

The Night After Valentine's Day Outing

Wanted to make a quick post with my Valentine's Day outfit before I become COMPLETELY irrelevant. :)

You see, Husband and I HATE crowds. We hate regular-day crowds. So imagine how much we hate VALENTINE'S crowds. Ick.

So we generally celebrate the day after the actual holiday, so this year we had a President's Day love fest! Actually, we're not big into the holiday anyway, so all we did was go out to eat. But it was lots of fun!

We have an "international" tradition for our anniversaries and Valentine's Days. We've done Spanish, Japanese, and even a regular restaurant that was housed in an old post office! This year we decided to try..... THAI!

The restaurant (Chaba's) was quite yummy. We had Chabas Rolls (sushi with crab meat and sweet sesame sauce), and I got a soy-sauce noodle dish and Husband got a curry fried rice dish. SO MUCH FOOD! We ended up helping each other eat the mile-high mound of food on our plates, and STILL came home with tons of leftovers.

So anywayz, here is my outfit from the night. And LOOK, it's my face! Hi, blog world. :)

Hue black tights
Payless black booties
An old Eci dress from Nordstrom (no longer available, but see pic below for the whole look)
My new AE Outfitters military navy jacket, snagged on super sale
Ann Taylor pearl and pave earrings (click here)

Hmm, upon further consideration, could I belt this? Husband has an irrational hatred for belts so I try to avoid them when I'm in his presence....it was our faux Valentine's Day celebration, after all....

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