Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Oh My God Tod's

So I just got my March issue of InStyle today, which means, of course, that I am almost finished with the entire thing. (I WOULD have been able to say I'm done, but husband forced me to go the gym when I reached page 360....yeah, it's a big 'un. And all I have to say about the gym is, um, is a 180 heart rate healthy? Oof.)

So ANYWAY, this has been a pretty spectacular issue. I don't know whether I'm just developing an eye for cute things, or if everything they had was particularly cute. Even the ADS, which I usually roll my eyes, at had great things.

Case in point:

I instantly found these shoes in a Tod's Boutique ad and fell in love with them. Like, seriously fell. Hard.

Holy. Holy. Holy. These are THE cutest shoes I've ever seen. I'm not normally a shoe-crazy person but the lavender? And the laces? AND THE BUCKLE! They even sort of remind me of the Ann Taylor Loft shoes I fell in love with.


So, ya know, me being me I ripped the page out of the magazine immediately and pretended that "Tod's" must be some Goody's brand. (Coz I mean, there was a 4-page KMart layout in this issue; IT COULD HAPPEN!) Then I read through the rest of the magazine and found aNOTHER Tod's shoe featured on some sandal page and I regrettably saw the price: in the three-hundred range. Oof.

But I was still determined! I went to Tod's (boutique....uh oh) Website and what is the first thing they ask? They want to know what COUNTRY I'm in. (Double oof. My spirits are down in the soles of my shoes at this point. Not looking good for me.)

I TREAD ONWARD! Maybe these can just be THE shoes. My ONE pair of shoes that I love forever and forever and forever and pass on to my children and their children and their children's children. Or maybe they can just BURY ME IN THESE SHOES.

And then the jazzy music started. Oh, God.

And the shoes started scrolling across my screen. Cross your fingers.

And then....THERE IT WAS. MY SHOE!

I clicked that baby and held my breath.

And there it was.

Oh, hohohoho. Oh, dear. That's a good one.

Husband asks, "What's so funny?"

Guess how much they are...

"Are they expensive?" husband asks.

Oh, yes.

"Like more than $80?"

(laughs) Yeah, a LOT more. Just guess.

"$435!" husband shouted.



Now I'm moping and blogging, while husband plays video games. I decided I was going to stick it to Tod's and play their jazzy music FOR FREE if I couldn't afford their shoes. But husband made me mute the site after Minute Five. Total bummer.

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  1. Those shoes are so cute! Too bad about the price - that's insane and I wonder if they'd even be comfortable. Maybe you'll find a good imposter - you're getting good at that!