Monday, February 15, 2010

Outfit #13: Return of the Chunky Monkey

Yay! I finally found a good use for my chunky monkey sweater vest from Loft. :)


Underneath is my J.Crew ruffle blouse from a few years ago. A braided brown belt from Bolton's. My Loft Boot-Leg dark-rinse jeans and my Tommy Hilfiger mid-calf brown boots.

I kind of made "texture" my unofficial mantra a few months ago (and promptly forgot about it---oops!). The concept first hit me right between the eyes when I saw Jason Wu's Spring 2010 line, and some of his ruffles and feathers looked SO AMAZING! He also mixed prints that are to die for.

Hmmmm.....mixing prints.....Maybe that will be my next unofficial, under-appreciated mantra.......

So, unfortunately, I haven't added much texture to my wardrobe. HOWEVER, my mom is currently re-working a long ruffle skirt from Loft into a ruffly mini and a Nordstrom sequin/eyelet dress, so that it FITS, both from a few years ago. So if these work, then I'll at least have a LITTLE variety of texture in my wardrobe. (And the added good news is that I think both the skirt and dress will look GREAT with my new American Eagle military blazer.)



"Combine many fabrics--fur, chiffon, dneim and leather--for fun impact." (InStyle)

Rate of difficulty to replicate: 1 (out of 5)

SUMMARY: Fun, indeed! This was an easy shop-your-closet challenge where I could basically just pull out a bunch of completely random things that I never would have thought to pair on my own. THIS is the kind of inspiration I was hoping for all along. Mixing fabrics and textures is a simple guideline that will help me see new possibilities in my clothes WITHOUT getting depressed that I don't have certain pieces InStyle wants me to have.


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  1. Very cute! This looks like the sweater vest from Banana that I owned for about five minutes before I freaked out and returned it. Yours is much cuter though!