Friday, February 19, 2010

Outfit #16: No more pleats, please....

Pleated pants. Really, InStyle? Is that the way you're gonna play this?

I am waving my white flag on this one....

Pretty much because even though I admit to knowing NOTHING about fashion, I DO know that pleats are never welcome. Even with a "short, tapered cut." Why should I waste my time making something horrific only slightly less horrific? Let's move forward and forget this ever happened....

And no better way to forget than to highlight another one of my recent Anthropologie purchases!

This time it's my Sewing Basket Top (limited sizes still available). The stripe down the front elongates the body and is super flattering. So great. And another example of detailing done right. The little triangles of 3 circles are sewn-on silver studs. The colors of the design are red, black, and silver. Closeup below.

The pants are old brown Ann Taylor pants. My Rack Room tweed heels. My Martin & Osa high button cardigan in mitten blue. And a red skinny belt I snatched off an old Loft dress.

I feel very tall in this outfit. And also, I think the proportions work well together. I think these pants are going in the alteration pile, because I like the look of them (a bit too big in the waist), and I think I'd actually wear them more if they fit better.


"A short, tapered cut makes pleated trousers more flattering." (InStyle)

Rate of difficulty to replicate: 5 (out of 5)

SUMMARY: Yay for Anthropologie. Boo for pleated trousers. I did a Google search for "pleated women's pants" to see if good retailers even SELL these types of pants, and the pickins were slim.... I think this was an instance of InStyle wanting to slip something "trendy" in there to keep us readers on our toes. And---really?---no comment on the insane neon accessories in this otherwise neutral outfit? I think that would have taken it into a more interesting shop-your-closet direction. But, bottom line, I like MY outfit, so I'm gonna give this one a good grade.


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