Sunday, February 21, 2010

Outfit #17: Menswear and Sparkles

Tommy Hilfiger mid-calf boots
Gap ribbed brown tights
Ann Taylor Loft short-sleeve bomber jacket (old)
Fossil brown silver-buckle belt
My Limited rope trim stone ring! SO PRETTY! It's called turquoise, but it actually seems more mint green to me.
Banana Republic lightweight wool pencil skirt in taupe
AE sequin tank

I'm super excited about this outfit, predominantly because I can actually LINK to several of these of-the-moment pieces. YAY! I am finally relevant to the fashion world. :)

This outfit called for a shirtdress---which I do own---but in my skirtdress, the skirt flares out very retro-like and has pleats down the front so it didn't look quite as nice opened as this fitted InStyle version does.

I do, however, appreciate the concept. And now I am going to buy this in blue.....(I'm not moving in the right direction, am I?) Teehee.

Anyway, so I decided to fudge a little on the shirtdress and just use my new American Eagle sequin cami and my new Banana Republic taupe pencil skirt. I haven't taken the tags off either item, so they may not even stay in my closet. But at least they had their moment in the spotlight.

I (surprisingly) like the cami. I was worried that it would wash me out, but it's kind of a light pink/ivory color and the texture of the sequins helps, too. The only thing I have to consider is that it has a racerback. I guess I could find a thin nude racerback cami with a bra shelf for support? I'm not too keen on the idea, but I'll mull it over, I suppose. I got a size 8 in this.

The skirt is very high-waisted and fits well in my regular size 8. Lots of reviewers complained that it was more of a grey than a taupe (so I was happy), but in my opinion, it's definitely taupe. For that reason, I'm on the fence. Just because I had envisioned a lighter gray and I'm not sure that "taupe" will play the role I need it to in my wardrobe. Mull. Mull. Mull.


"A shirtdress gets hip with a studded belt, bag and black sequin top." (InStyle)

Rate of difficulty to replicate: 2 (out of 5)

SUMMARY: So I didn't use the shirtdress here, but like I said before, I really appreciate this InStyle concept. I NEVER in a million years would have realized on my own that you could unbutton a shirtdress. I just don't know if I'll ever get the chance to try it, because I prefer fuller skirts in my shirtdresses and I think that would affect the look. The good news is that I think I DID capture the contrast of the menswear/sequins.



  1. Taupe and grey are both neutrals. What difference does it make? (Say the girl who was positively indignant when the Ann Taylor pants she ordered turned out to be grey not taupe)

  2. hahaha. I know, I know. But I really liked the look of that grey Ann Taylor pencil skirt with a yellow cardigan (not that I OWN a yellow cardigan). So I'm scared that I'll keep the taupe skirt and then STILL pine for a grey skirt and end up buying TWO skirts when I can't afford even ONE. You see???? :)