Saturday, February 13, 2010

Shipping Carrier Standoff and Some Anthro Pics

It's no secret. I love UPS.

Maybe it's partly because I'm more familiar with them (I process all the outgoing AND incoming UPS shipments at the magazine where I work.) My husband also uses Amazon Prime A LOT, so we get about a million UPS packages a week, so again, familiarity. Oh, and my brother-in-law is a UPS deliveryman. :)

But I think it's also because whenever I have a problem with shipping?......It's always FedEx.

OK, that's not true. Once UPS "said" they delivered a package for my husband, but it was nowhere at our house that night. We called UPS and the next day, our poor embarrassed UPS guy came slinking back with our package (He had left it on our neighbors' doorstep. And not the NICE neighbors....the mean neighbors who yelled at me once while I was in my PJs letting the dogs out. Thanks for the heads-up, mean neighbors. Apparently, I am not the ONLY one in my cul-de-sac that holds grudges. Harumph.)

But FedEx? Many more institutional shenanigans. Like expected delivery dates being pushed back again...and again. And one package that got lost altogether and had to be resent! To put it simply, whenever I find myself complaining about's FedEx.

OK, enough complaining. The point of this post is that my White House Black Market package FINALLY arrived. I ordered it on the 4th. It arrived the 13th. To me? That's super slow. I mean, it only had to go from ATLANTA to VIRGINIA!! My goodness. I could have driven down to Georgia myself and picked up my package 20 times in how long it took them to deliver it!

The good news is that you'll likely see part of my latest WHBM purchase in an InStyle challenge outfit tomorrow. But to tide you over in the meantime, I've included some pics of my last Anthropologie purchases!

Embroidered Thicket Blouse
The details on this blouse are amazing. The necklace is fantastic and delicate. And the fit (my regular size 8) is spot on. But I'm still on the fence about this one because, as you can see, the bottom flares out, and I'm not sure what type of bottom to wear with this. I think I am going to go through my closet again and test things out. Do I wear a straight mini skirt to balance the flared blouse? Or do I concede to the flare and wear an A-line skirt?

Night Blooming Dress
It's my dress, my dress, my dress! Mine, mine, mine! I'm so glad I finally got this dress! It's as gorgeous as I expected, but A LOT SHORTER! Holy. It's pretty scandalous actually. Sitting is a bit of an issue, and not really office appropriate. But my Christmas red belt works BEAUTIFULLY. And I threw in my Ann Taylor black pumps.

The fit is a little funky though. I got my regular size 8, and the top is very blouson (sp?), but the high-waisted bottom half is elastic and VERY fitted. Perhaps I have a very large rib cage? Anyway, I probably wouldn't want to size up because then the top might be TOO big... I'm hoping that with more wear, the elastic will allow for some extra give.

I'm beginning to realize that most of my comments about this dress are negative. But I LOVE IT! It's just beautiful, and it makes me feel great to put it on. Is that enough to warrant keeping something?


  1. Yes, pencil skirt or skinny pants with the top and I LOVE THE DRESS! Keep it and wear it every day!