Sunday, February 7, 2010

Some more knockoffs


Stepping-Out Tee ($88) at Anthropologie
Oh so pretty. And oh so expensive. You're paying for the detailed shoulder accent, but for those of us on a budget, we're willing to skimp a little on the design, right?


Pyramid Epaulet Knit Top ($9.99) at Forever 21
For a little bit more of an edge, spiky pyramid studs!

Shell-Buttoned Shoulder Top ($8.99) at Forever 21
For some more sparkle, rows of sequins!

Shoulder Epaulet Jewel Top ($19.80) at Forever 21
OK, for those of us still looking to dole out at least a *little* aesthetic appreciation. A prettier design for a fraction of the Anthro price...

UPDATE: Really, you don't even need me here. Just go to Forever 21 and there are tons of shirts like these. I just found this one that *also* bears a resemblance and the shoulder accents appear to come down a bit further like the original's. Click here for the structural knit top ($19.80) in brown.

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