Sunday, February 14, 2010

SQUEE! Popbacks make me Happy

FINALLY! A story with a happy ending....

I've been obsessively checking Charlotte Russe's Website to see if my Polka Dot skirt (you know, the one that was only $19.99 that sold out while I was being a cheapskate? and that I blogged about here...) would ever become available again.

Because if you haven't noticed yet, I have quite a legendary obsessive-compulsive personality. That's why I stalk my mailbox for my bank statement every month so I can balance my Quickbooks immediately, why I do my best house-cleaning at 11:30pm, why I drink 5 sodas a day, and why I commandeer my husband's PS3 so I can play Critter Crunch into the wee hours.

But a Charlotte Russe popback?

Yeah, fat chance.

I mean, I've heard of fortuitous popbacks at high-end stores like J.Crew and Anthropologie, but CHARLOTTE RUSSE? At my calculations, my chances were about, oh, I don't know, let's see...carry the one.....times pi.....divided by the absolute value of -10.....makes that about.....

slim to none.....

But, then, BEHOLD! My skirt is ACTUALLY back on the site. Out of the blue. Without provocation!

ALL-leluia! :)

The only hiccup?

It's a Size Large, when I would have normally ordered a Medium. But I've never tried anything on at Charlotte Russe, and I'm kind of anticipating that this skirt is going to be very short. And so I think I can make the Large work!


So as I celebrate my purchase---which hopefully I will STILL be celebrating when it arrives!---I leave you with adorable pictures of my pupperonis. Because I'm crossing my fingers that our recent rash of snowstorms is now officially OVER. And that these pictures will soon be moot. Enjoy!

Jackers in the falling snow! Poor Jack had to hippity-hop through the snow because it was so deep. Normally he runs at full speed on Docker's heels around the yard, but in this snow, he just kinda hops and sinks, hops and sinks, hops and sinks.

Docker did not like the snow AT. ALL. While I was taking pictures, she spent most of the time sitting on the back steps waiting to go back inside. She was nice enough, though, to pose for a few pictures in front of the infamous Leaning Evergreen, which is a 20-ft tree in our neighbors' yard that was so laden with snow that it was uprooted, fell over our fence, and now belongs to US. :/

Every time Jackers went outside----EVERY time----he collected many, many small balls of snow in his fur. On his stomach. In his ears. And under his chin. His fur is so long and the snowballs were so entwined, that I had to give him a warm bath each time to melt the snow.

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