Monday, February 8, 2010

UPDATE: Grosgrain Flower vs. Beribboned Buds

A while back, I suggested The Limited's Grosgrain Flower Cardigan as a cheaper alternative for Anthro's Beribboned Buds Cardi. Original post here.

I posted pics of the pink version for comparison, but the grey heather also looked like a pretty good match. So I pulled the trigger a few days ago to see how the Limited sweater fares in person.

Because if I haven't already mentioned it? I have kind of a cardigan obsession. I just rearranged my closet and counted....

---wait for it---

TWENTY cardigans.

That's right. 20. But, ohmygoshohmygosh, I didn't have a single LIGHT GREY cardigan. And this one has pretty FLOWERS on it....


Welcome to my world. :)


So, anyway, I was pleasantly surprised by this sweater in person. I don't quite understand why it went on sale so quickly (except for the fact that it was pretty overpriced to begin with. Silly Limited.)

I'm wearing it here with an old teal/black/grey Loft sleeveless blouse and my Gap Pintucked skirt ($39.99, size 10 and above as of today). Also some NY&C teal bracelets and my Rack Room Shoes tweed heels.

Here's a closeup of the flowers. The material is kind of a heavyweight tissue paper (I guess that's what grosgrain is?). They lay pretty flat against the sweater; they don't poof out or anything, which I consider a good thing because it's subtle.

I'm very excited about this sweater because as silly as it sounds, I really DON'T have a cardigan remotely like this. In my heaviest cardi-party days, I was attracted mostly to pretty colors, so this is a nice neutral with endless possibilities. (I'm also thinking it could be worn similar to Effortless Anthropologie's styling here: her "Thursday" outfit with my Loft ruffle dress!)

My sister over at Princess of Taylor purchased the Anthro cardigan in pink, and was curious to know how the Limited version looked. Well, sista, I haven't seen the Anthro version in person, but I think this one could get the job done if you're looking to downsize $$. :)

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  1. Yeah I bought The Limited version this weekend. I came home, did a fashion show for Jamie and he said he liked the "real" one better. I asked, "Even if it is twice as expensive?" He said, "Yes," so The Limited one went back. If I had bought that one first though I wouldn't have known what I was missing and would have been fine with it.

    I like the grey on you though - I think the problem with the pink is that it is so much bolder that the detail of the flowers stood out more and the Anthro detailing is just nicer.