Wednesday, February 24, 2010

UPDATE: Me=Famous, Pizza=Cheap, and Loft=My BFF Again

I'm BACK! With EVEN more good news. Let's get the most exciting part out of the way first....

Can you see me? I'm on the very first treadmill in the black zip-front tanktop. Pretty neat, huh?

Oh, and don't you love my mad Microsoft Paint skills? Or am I the only one who still uses Paint....?

Regardless, I made sure to cross out the important stuff because that's what preserves my alluring mystique, after all. :)


OK. Now, on to the much less interesting photo. My CiCi's outfit. In case you ever wondered what someone wears to a restaurant when they are trying to get into a buffet for only $2. (And, oh yes, we did get in!)

This is my Martin & Osa rocococococo purple cardigan. (At some point, I lose track of how many co's are required so I prefer to just keep going until I lose interest.) Also my Fossil brown silver-buckle belt, and my Limited ruffle front taupe short-sleeve sweater. Old jeans. And, of course, my Anne Klein brown loafers.

Minus the fact that I really should have buttoned this sweater down all the way, I am really liking longer-length layers on myself. Knowing what I like certainly helps when I see a MILLION cute things on Anthropologie, because it differentiates between the must-haves and the might-not-work-on-my-body-types.

OH, and onto a third, also mildly interesting, tidbit to wrap up my insane rash of posts lately. (I need a vacation!)

You may remember my recent rant about receiving the wrong scarf in my latest Loft order. If not, you can read about it here.

Well, I decided that it was my mission in life to stalk the Loft Website until my REAL scarf popped up. And, by golly, IT FINALLY DID!

And it has been christened the multi floral scarf. Style #180005. You can click to purchase here!

Pretty, isn't it?

I had all kinds of great plans for this spring scarf. What with the YELLOW, and the BLUE, and the GREEN. In the two seconds it just took to write that last sentence, I already came up with three things to wear with this scarf. That's right, THREE. In TWO seconds.

If there were an Olympic medal in scarf matching, by golly, it would be mine....

So Loft has won back some brownie points with me. They followed through with the prepaid return label to send back the wrong scarf, and now they price-matched the new scarf and waived shipping. Even exchange. HOL. LA.

If only every day were this exciting....

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  1. Okay - I was dangerously close to spitting coffee out all over my computer at your line "In case you ever wondered what someone wears to a restaurant when they are trying to get into a buffet for only $2"

    Yay about the scarf too! Is it sad that I'm so impressed with CS from Loft/AT that I would expect from anyone else?