Saturday, February 27, 2010

What's in my Shopping Cart?: Ann Taylor Loft

Another installment of What's In My Shopping Cart....

This one's a kicker because there's a sale at Loft that ends tomorrow (Feb 28): one day before my shopping ban is lifted. Oof.

So I'm gonna have to dust off my debate-team hat to convince myself any of these items are necessary for my closet....

The code: SPRING25 for 25% off all full-price styles. Plus free shipping on orders $125+.

Gold Flower Necklace (Regular $49.50. With sale, about $37)
Let's start with the prettiest, shall we? I love the peaches and pinks that Loft has rolled out for spring, and this necklace looks strikingly similar to the
Lisa for Loft gold necklace I missed out on several months back. Wah. But it *ALSO* bears a striking resemblance to the From O'Keeffe necklace my sister just found for me. But that one has YELLOW flowers (OK, and maybe one peach...) But how many costume jewelry necklaces does a girl really need? Not another $40 worth. REMOVED.

Pintuck Shirtdress (Regular $79.50. With discount, about $60)
Onto another frivolity. A shirtdress this time. I've been wanting a casual shirtdress for quite some time. This one has pretty (they call it "vintage") detailing around the collar. And it's blue, for goodness sake. BUT, if I get this, then I'm basically taking myself out of the Anthro Reed shirtdress ($118) game. But hey, I can return this if it doesn't work, right? The Anthro shirtdress has a fuller skirt, and it's PLAID. But I think I like the straighter line of this dress (but it also may hang on me like a sack..) UNDECIDED.

Twill Ann Boot Cut Pants (Regular $79.50. With discount, about $60)
This, my dearies, is the reason for my entire purchase. I figure that I need to STOP living in denial (see item above) about what clothes I will reach for every day, and start BUYING MORE PANTS. I don't have any khakis. And I think my wardrobe will seem much more diverse if I have different colors/fabrics of pants than my tried-and-true jeans, jeans, and more jeans. COME TO MAMA.

Marisa Chino Pants with Coin Pocket (Regular $49.50. With discount, about $38)
OK, am I completely dumb that it took me 5 minutes to figure out what a coin pocket is? (I really need to get better about reading Loft's product details...) Anyhow, it's just a little baby pocket on the front of the pants. To hold your Who carries coins anymore? Anyway, it's pretty ridiculous that I like the navy pants because I went to Catholic school for 9 years, and guess what I wore? That's right, navy pants. For. Nine. Years. ALSO probably explains why I have an under-developed sense of fashion. My boring formative years... But if I move past all these facts, then I get casual pants that will add some style to my lower half without too much effort. NAVY, COME TO MAMA. ICE BLUE, UNDECIDED.

Cornflower Wash Modern Boot Cut Jeans (Regular $59.50. With discount, about $45)
I don't own any jeans this lighter color, and I KNOW that Stacey and Clinton on What Not to Wear always said darker washes are better. And I KNOW that I bought a pair of light jeans from Victoria's Secret more than 10 years ago and they looked horrible. But...I like these! And again, still jeans, but different enough to give my wardrobe a little jumpstart. Worst case scenario, these jeans will look totally 1990s and make me look 10 years older than I am. But, again, what's the harm in trying? They're an online exclusive so I'd have to suck it up to know for sure. (Which reminds me; I hope I could return online exclusives in store....anyone know for sure?) UNDECIDED.


  1. I need pants, too, but most of Loft's aren't long enough for me. Otherwise i would try those chino pants. If I were you I'd get the shirt dress -- if it works, you've saved a lot that you would've spent on the Anthro option.

    Till recently jeans often had a coin pocket as well as regular pockets, so I'm glad to see them make a comeback. They usually (or used to) have enough room for you to put something small like a key or a couple of cough drops or whatever, so it's convenient.

    I always preferred lighter-wash jeans but they are very hard to find these days. I accept that dark wash looks dressier, but jeans aren't only for dressing up. Dark jeans have taken over so much that it's probably time for them to start falling out of favor and you might look cutting-edge in these. (I still can't get over the idea that dark bootcut jeans are very 1970s looking, so you see how fashions keep repeating!)

  2. I think you just need to get comfortable with the idea that it's fine to wear dressy stuff everyday. You could totally rock that dress to the store or to lunch and be very cute! And yes, you need casual pants. Since you have issue with length, you might want to consider buying up one size so they sit a little lower and are a little longer. I do that with Loft and it works great!

  3. Lady Cardigan--Very true about the lighter wash jeans. I feel like they would look nicer in the spring with all these yellows,peaches, and such. I'm pretty bored by all my darker jeans. Oh, and I'm even more intrigued by this coin pocket now. lol.

    Kathleen--Sigh....yes, I think the problem is that I am too easily overwhelmed by my closet so that I just give up and throw on my Hanes hoodie too quickly. :) I am curious about the length of these pants; I think I may need to size up like you said, because I expect these might shrink up. Yuck.